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Toyota Needs to Bring Back the FJ Cruiser

Discontinuations are a part of the automotive world. Every single year, car manufacturers announce which cars they no longer plan on making. During the past decade, we’ve been forced to say good-bye to several favorites, including the Toyota Acura TL, the  BMW Z8,  Chevy SS, the Chevy Volt, Chrysler’s Town and Country, and the Ford …

Corvette Stringray 2020
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The Mid-Engine Corvette Reveal Nearly Broke Chevrolet’s Website

Ever since Chevrolet announced their intention to manufacture a mid-engine Corvette, fans have clamored for more information. The slightest rumor about the vehicle sends ripples of excitement through the internet’s automotive community, so Roadshow’s report that the mid-engine Corvette reveal nearly broke Chevrolet’s website surprised no one. The reveal As July 18, 2019 approached, Corvette …


Ford and Volkswagen Team up to Build Electric Cars

Auto industry experts expect that the rising cost of fuel combined with increased concern about the environment will inspire drivers to take a greater interest in eco-friendly electric cars. This interest in electric cars has inspired many car manufacturers to work extremely hard developing interesting concepts and innovative electric vehicles that they hope will engage …