The Airstream Basecamp travel trailer is parked by a campfire.
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RV Living Disasters to Avoid

An RV is a tool to get you to your adventure destination and provide shelter. RV living has its challenges, though. It is not all spectacular sunsets and campfires. Surprises happen that can disrupt schedules and mental or emotional stability for the moment. Not test driving an RV can lead to a disaster Test drive …

A camper van travels from the England to Wales over Bigsweir Bridge which spans the River Wye between Wales and England
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Why Are RVs So Expensive and Poorly Made?

Recreational vehicle sales spiked earlier this year and haven’t slowed down. RVs are available in many sizes, powertrains, and some of them are as fancy as an upscale hotel suite. However, some experienced owners, like over at Curbed, say that you should avoid buying a new RV. One couple discovered that their RV’s suspension was …

An RV towing a car refuels at a gas station
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You Are Probably Overlooking the Easiest Way To Save Fuel on Your RV

Because pandemic lockdowns have eliminated the use of beachfront hotels and resorts, many families have turned to a more traditional form of vacation; the camper. However, the costs of maintaining an RV, especially as new regulations force manufacturers to modify their engines, can cause unwanted stress when you are supposed to be relaxing. The less-than-stellar fuel economy of RVs …

A white Winnebago Outlook with dark accents. on the countryside.

What’s the Cheapest Winnebago RV?

Motorhomes, aka, RVs don’t come cheap by any means. However, some are more attainable than others. The most affordable options to consider are Class C RVs, and the iconic Winnebago brand has a few. So you might be wondering, what’s the cheapest Winnebago RV that you can get? Meet the Winnebago Outlook In Winnebago’s current lineup of …

A silver Winnebago Revel RV sits atop a hill on at dusk.

A Beginner’s Guide to Motorhomes With Tips From Consumer Reports

Nowadays, you have a ton of alternative travel trailers options to house you as you venture off-road. But if you want a more traditional way to go glamping, a classic RV, aka motorhome, is ideal. Here’s what you should consider before purchasing your first motorhome. Why go with a traditional RV? Traditional RVs are essentially the coziest way to travel. As Consumer …

Awning area of the Classic.

What Makes an Airstream a Classic?

It’s true that not all Airstream models are expensive. But if you’re looking to go all out on RV, Airstream should be on your shortlist. Airstream’s Classic travel trailer is its grandest option and offers plenty of thoughtful amenities. Here’s what the new 2021 model has to offer. About Airstream’s flagship trailer  Airstream recently unveiled models from its 2021 lineup. And …

The exterior of a green and white HC1 trailer .

How Much Does Happier Camper Cost?

If you have a full-size SUV or truck, there appears to be endless campers that you can easily haul with your vehicle. But those with smaller cars haven’t had as many options. Although, companies like Happier Camper are helping to change that. This brand is known for making tiny travel trailers. But how much will a Happier Camper …

2020 Nanjing international holiday leisure and RV Expo is held in Nanjing International Expo Center
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Is Insulating Your Camper Van Worth It?

The #vanlife community exemplifies the spirit of adventure and exploration, but there are a few things people can’t seem to agree on. One of the biggest points of contention in this community is whether to insulate your camper van. If you’re considering taking to the open road, here’s everything you need to know to make …

A gray Globetrotter off-road in the woods.

Best Airstream for a Family of Four

Even after all these years, Airstream is still among the most renowned RV brands out there. From travel trailers to touring coaches, Airstream truly offers something for everyone. But with so many available options, it’s necessary to get specific with the type of travel trailer for you. That said, some families might be wondering, what’s the best Airstream for a family …

A Newmar Corp King Aire RV has all its storage compartment door open on the bottom of the bus.

These 5 Large RVs Are Amongst the Largest Ever Made

An RV can come in just about any size and for any budget. Understandably, the larger they get, the more features they tend to have. But, not always. A large RV can be made for the budget-conscious, while another one of the same size could be made for those with more affluent tastes. Then there’s …

Roadman motorcycle camper RV trailer

Motorcycle Camper Trailer RVs Are a Thing

Mention the term RV, and people often think of a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome. Most of those have one thing in common. All the RV units, but the motorhome, have to be towed. So, often people have, or borrow, a vehicle of some sort to do the pulling duties. But, did you …

A white, double axle, pull behind trailer

Rejuvenate Your RV With These Crafty Decorating Ideas

I am a self-proclaimed “Car Nut”. I suffer from OCOB, Obessive Car On Brain Disorder. As such, I often visualize how I am going to modify a vehicle that I own. Sometimes it is a mild customization like wider tires and window tint, while other times the visualization involves lift kits, lowering kits, fancy paint, …