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We love small camper vans around here. There is a limit to how small a good camper can be, which is why the Ram Pro Master-based Winnebago Solis Pocket is one of our favorite campers in the game. The only downside is that small campers must sacrifice features like wet bathrooms or bigger power systems to remain small. Thankfully, the new Winnebago Solis Pocket now has these features despite being small. 

What’s new for the Winnebago Solis Pocket camper van?

The new Winnebago Solis Pocket benefits from a new floor plan that somehow squeezes a tiny dinette and a wet bathroom. Winnebago also teamed up with EcoFlow to bring an optional power system. The Power Kit Pro offers a five-in-one power management controller, a 5.0-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, and a touchscreen controller.

The belle of the ball here is the new dinette and wet bath. This new dinette is still quite small, but it’s clever. One layout leans one of the cushions forward to allow for two more passengers while traveling. This same area can flatten out to add another bed to the cabin. There is a simple kitchenette that, while humble, still has a cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. 

The wet bath is another real star of the show. If you have ever spent any time in a camper van without a proper bathroom, you know a flushing toilet and hot shower can completely change morale. The wet bath in the Solis isn’t spacious by any means. The thunder mug and the shower share the same space to keep it as small as possible. The water closet also triples its functionality as a mud room for wet or dirty clothes or gear. The bathroom also has a little medicine cabinet. The best part by a country mile is the doors that open up to give you an open-air shower or morning constitutional. All of a sudden, the cramped little hot box turns into a luxury throneroom worthy of all the overly-personal Instagraming one could ever hope for. 

What is the Difference between the Winnebago Solis and the Solis Pocket?

Winnebago Solis Pocket 36b with the back opened up with the new bathroom exposed.
Winnebago Solis Pocket 36b | Winnebago

The Solis Pocket is the smaller version of the Solis but with a focus on going deeper into the backcountry. This little camper is only getting more amazing with the addition of the wet bath and dinette. 

The Power Kit Pro makes taking the Solis Pocket deeper into the woods for longer even more enjoyable. This new system condenses the inverter, shore power converter, battery energy converter, solar energy converter, and alternator energy optimizer into a single system. The new system can make up to 3,600 watts and offers 40% more effcient recharging from the van’s engine. In case you ever needed to find it, the battery is neatly hidden away underneath the dinette’s seat. 

How much is the new Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B?

Winnebago Solis Pocket 36b with the door open and a woman going inside.
Winnebago Solis Pocket 36b | Winnebago

Winnebago hasn’t listed prices for the new floor plan yet. You should expect something around the $130k-$150k mark. The smaller 36A from 2022 starts at around $106,000. Adding all these new features and a reworked floorplan will likely add some cabbages. 

The new 36B model also comes in white, gray, and now, red. This spicy new small camper remains one of the coolest in the game.