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The camper van boom has drawn all kinds of newcomers to the wide and wild world of van life. One of the biggest questions for folks looking to buy a camper van, or any other kind of RV, tends to be the size. Most campers want the most amenities without spending the most money. This ultimately means trying to get a smaller camper van that still has a full bathroom. Here are the five best small camper vans that still have a toilet and a shower.


The Airstream Interstate

Airstream Camper van in white with lights. This is a small camper van with a toilet and shower despite its size.
Airstream Insterstate 24X | Airstream

Airstream has a long history of making the coolest campers on the market. The Airstream Interstate may not look like what we think of when we think of Airstream, but it is just as cool. 

The Interstate is the smallest of the best small campers with a toilet and shower on this list. Its dimensions measure 19’-5” x 6’-7” x 9’-7”, and can comfortably sleep two. Even though this is a pretty small camper, Airstream managed to fit a toilet and shower inside. The toilet/shower combination is a “wet-bath,” meaning the space is combined into one area with a drain in the center. 

Carado Banff

The Carado Banff uses the tiny Ram ProMaster as a base for its conversion camper awesomeness. These little camper vans make good on the “small” part of the best small campers with bathrooms list. 

Unlike the Mercedes-based Airstream Interstate, the Carado Banff is much more affordable and still, somehow, offers a king-size bed and a toilet and shower combo. 

The Winnebago Revel

The Winnebago Revel is a lot of camper van in a small package. This small camper van is parked in a birch grove.
Winnebago Revel | Winnebago

Winnebago’s Revel is somewhat of a rare bird. This camper van is a class B camper with four-wheel drive. This means a small (but not the smallest) camper RV can still bushwack far into the wilderness while carrying enough size for a bathroom. This small camper with a toilet and shower is one of the more versatile of the bunch. But with that comes a high price. 

The Winnebago Revel starts at a whopping $174,000 due to its slightly larger size and loaded amenities. The Mercedes-Sprinter-based van crushes both on and off-road while giving campers a queen bed, wet bath, and a turbo-diesel powertrain. 

The Sportsmobile Mercedes

The Sportsmobile has more configurable floorplan layouts than any other small camper van on this list. The vast array of configurations perfectly meets the needs of the camper van world. 

Because of its highly configurable floorplans, the Sportsmobile Mercedes has the option of having a wet or dry bathroom, many bedding options, and tons of gear storage options. This is probably the most usable of all the small camper vans with a toilet and shower. 

The Coachmen Beyond

Coachmen Beyond against a white back ground showcasing its exterior
Coachmen Beyond | Coachmen

While this is still in the top five, the Coachmen Beyond is probably the least exciting of the bunch. At 22 feet long, it’s not overly small, and the exterior isn’t the most exciting looking. However, it uses Ford’s sturdy Transit 350 chassis, which is a beloved camper platform. 

The Beyond comes standard with a wet bath compartment, and you have your choice whether it is located at the rear of the vehicle or toward the front. 

Small camper vans can be tricky to find, but more are joining the market

The camper van market is booming. As more people come to the segment with varied needs, the market has no choice but to adhere to these new requests. One of the loudest requests is smaller, more affordable camper vans. 

Thankfully, the manufacturers seem to be listening and meeting the needs of their customers. Find more small campers with bathrooms here at Trail and Summit