RV Awards Season: 2021 Class B Motorhomes of the Year

Every year new vehicles are evaluated and given awards with much pomp and circumstance. Consequently, many people become familiar with the car and truck of the year awards. Well, RV manufacturers also receive awards for their products annually. The newest awards highlight the class B motorhome segment for 2021.

How class B motorhome awards were determined

A black 2021 Ethos Class B RV.
The 2021 Ethos Class B RV | Entegra Coach

Our friends at RV News recently rounded up the latest entrants for the 2021 class B motorhomes. After whittling them down, two coaches came to the top of their lists. The first is the Coachmen Nova 20C. The second one is the Entegra Coach Ethos 20T.

The 2021 Coachmen Nova 20C motorhome RV

Motorhome enthusiasts know that a comfortable bathroom and shower are important to the enjoyment of their RV. So, Coachmen took care with the design of the Nova 20C to provide a large refrigerator, bathroom, and shower area. The RV News reviewers said the floor plan’s reorganization to allow for the larger items somehow still, “felt roomier than many type B models reviewed.” To be clear the shower and bathroom combination is a wet bath setup. However, unlike many class B competitors, it is located in the center of the coach. On the outside, a full-length awning graces the exterior of the Ram ProMaster 3500 build.

Many dealers have these models on order. However, many of the stores are not publishing the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Speculation places the price point near $120,000, similar to the Nova 20RB. 

The 2021 Entegra Coach Ethos 20T motorhome 

This class B RV is built upon the Ram ProMaster 3500 chassis. The exterior has a full-length awning, side steps, outdoor speakers, bike rack, and all necessary hookups. Quilted leather seating greets the driver and passenger. The interior also has high gloss finishes that reviewers found eye-catching. 

The Ethos is a new model, not a refresh. So, the MSRP is difficult to find. Expect the price point to be near the $120,000 range. 

The class B package


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The Coachmen Nova 20C and the Entegra Coach Entegra Ethos 20T certainly makes a transition into a class B RV very appealing. In fact, when it comes to ease of driving and parking, class B motorhomes dominate the RV landscape. Their roadgoing manners feel like driving a van. They are also easier to maneuver than the other classes of recreational vehicles. Additionally, most of them will fit in a home driveway. It is no wonder then that vanlifers gravitate to these types of motorhomes. 

There is a word of caution, however. Class B vehicles are tight on space, and that could take some getting used to, especially if traveling with another person or pets. The additional food, clothing, or pet grooming items can fill up storage spaces quickly. So, do due diligence. Be sure to ask current owners their opinions or rent one of the units before buying it to get a better picture of what vanlife is like. It is better to know ahead of time what to expect.