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Storyteller is an Alabama-based camper van upfitter that uses its southern roots to build some truly tough 4×4 off-road RVs. Starting in 2019, Storyteller talked about using both Mercedes Sprinter vans and Ford Transit vans as the base for its off-road campers. While Storyteller hit the ground running with various Mercedes-based camper vans, we didn’t hear much from the Ford side until now. The Alabama camper van company now offers a rad 4×4 Mode LT Ford Transit camper van that offers more space for less money than the Sprinter version. 

The Alabama made Storytellers 4x4 Camper with a couple leaning against it at sunset
Storyteller 4×4 Mode LT camper van | Storyteller

The Storyteller 4×4 Mode LT camper is ready for the trail

Storyteller finally announced the Ford Transit-based Mode LT camper. While it isn’t cheap, it is cheaper than the Mercedes Sprinter camper van models. The Mode LT starts about $4,000 cheaper, in fact, and also offers customers a little more room to boot. 

This may be the new entry-level camper from Storyteller, but the Alabama company pitches it as the simpler, more easily serviceable alternative to the slightly more expensive German van. 

What does the cabin of the Ford Transit camper van look like?

Camper van cruising down the road
Storyteller 4×4 Ford Transit camper van | Storyteller

Although Storyteller hasn’t released pictures of the Ford Transit Mode LT RV, the new camper van has the same equipment and options as the Sprinter version. The layout is likely to resemble the original Ford Transit Mode LT, back when the Ford Transit didn’t come with AWD and Storyteller was planning on putting swap in a Quigley 4×4. 

The Mode LT sleeps three people by using Storyteller’s Dreamweaver foldaway double bed and a separate single bed in the back. Other interior features include a GrooveLounge convertible two-seat dinette, galley with portable induction cooktop, stainless steel sink, fridge/freezer, and microwave, and swivel driver cab seats. 

Also, when the single bed isn’t in use, it can fold up to allow room for gear storage such as bikes and camping gear. There is also a Halo shower that pops out of an overhead cabinet, delivering a steady flow of warm water behind a wraparound shower curtain. The entire operation packs away neatly when the shower’s done. 

Other features shared by both the Mode 4×4 (Mercedes Sprinter) and Mode LT (Ford Transit) include the 12-kWh Volta power system with 90 watts of solar, roof rack with side ladder, air conditioning and gas heat, water heater, power awning, Storyteller wheels with BFGoodrich KO2 tires, and 79.5/91-L fresh/gray water capacity. 

How much does the strong 4×4 Ford Transit Camper van cost?

The Mode LT starts at $153,748. Like we said earlier, this is $4,000 cheaper than the Mode 4×4’s starting price. Although $4,000 isn’t all that much of a difference when something costs $150,000, it is a decent chunk of change, and the Ford is just slightly bigger. Unfortunately, Storyteller warns that the Ford Transit camper vans are limited. Reservations are open, and Alabama folks say that deliveries should begin in either late 2021 or early 2022.

What’s under the hood of the Ford Mode LT camper van? 

Storyteller 4x4 camper van parked in front of graffiti
Storyteller 4×4 Ford Transit camper van | Storyteller

Are Ford Transit Vans Very Reliable?

The Mode LT is home to Ford’s 310-hp 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission. Unlike the Sprinter van version’s selectable all-wheel drive, the Model LT has full-time all-wheel drive, constantly selecting which wheels to send more power to based on trail conditions. 

That being said, according to New Atlas, The Sprinter 4×4 tends to rate slightly higher than the Transit’s AWD for off-road driving, and that’s consistent with how Storyteller is differentiating the Mode 4×4 and Mode LT.

“While Ford never designed the AWD Transit to serve as your vehicle of choice for rock crawling or hyper-aggressive off-roading, the fact is that it is still a truly capable and agile travel companion,” says Storyteller. “Whether it is leading you up to Tahoe for a weekend ski getaway or carrying you and your crew down a backcountry gravel road for a night of boondocking under the stars, the Mode LT on AWD Transit platform will make you feel right at home.”

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