2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee towing an airstream trailer
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Airstream Financial Makes Financing Your RV Easier Than Ever

Financing a new Airstream travel trailer just become easier than ever! The new Airstream Financial program is powered by Bank of American to make it easier for customers to apply for vehicle financing at the dealership.  Check out the Airstream Financial program  This is hot off the press from Airstream in Jackson Center, Ohio. Airstream …

elevated view of an Airstream basecamp RV being towed by a silver audi SUV
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How Many Miles Will an Airstream Camper Last?

Buying a camper is no small commitment. Some camper models can be pretty pricey––especially iconic brands like Airstream RV. But how many miles will an Airstream camper last? There’s a lot that goes into buying and owning a camper. First, there’s the initial purchase. Whether paid outright or financed, this is typically going to be …

The Airstream Bambi parked at a beach.
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Ditch the Tent, You Need the Airstream Bambi in Your Life

Want to go camping but not quite ready to sleep on the cold, dirt-covered ground? Then you should probably check out the Airstream Bambi. It’s spacious, offers sleeping accommodations for four, and, well, it’s an Airstream. And what’s not to like about that? What is the Airstream Bambi? The Airstream Bambi isn’t new. In fact, …

A gray Airstream Globetrotter camper off-road in the woods.
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Is Buying an Airstream Camper Really Worth the Monster Cash?

Some things are better than they actually are. Let me explain. Nostalgia, icons, classics, these labels raise things above their literal value and give them a supernatural position where what they actually are matters less than what we think they are. A Jeep Wrangler is a great example of this. Airstream campers have fully passed …

The Airstream travel trailer is by a campsite, a truck, and solar panels.
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Airstream Doubles Down on Vintage Vibe While Going All-in on Evs

RVs are booming. At this point, most of us understand the importance of safely traveling by isolating and being as self-sufficient as possible. In the RV game, whether camper van, motorhome, trailer, or overlanding truck rig, the demand has spurred the creation of countless new boutique builders. While the segment has become inundated with flashy …

A gray Airstream Globetrotter camper off-road in the woods.
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Airstream May Look Retro But That’s Only a Disguise

Very few makers of anything have captured the vintage aesthetic well while building something that works with modern ease and reliability. Plenty of automotive manufacturers have tried and failed. Look at the Dodge Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Harley Davidson, and countless others that “resurrected” a classic design for a new car. Like them or not, they …

A 2021 24GT parked in a driveway.

The Airstream Interstate Line Gives You Everything You’d Want In a Camper Van

There are many compelling Class B motorhomes out there, but there’s one that reigns supreme. As you do your shopping, you’ll see that the Airstream Interstate lineup is one of the grandest options in the camper van realm. Airstream’s Interstate RV campers boast many practical features and amenities that are hard to beat. Airstream’s Luxurious Class B RVs You’ll …

The exterior of a black 2021 Thor Motor Coach Tellaro Class B RV

Which RVs Hold Their Value Best?

RVs are gateways to adventure, but financing a new one isn’t so fun. As you’re shopping around, one thing to keep in mind is that new RVs or motorhomes tend to depreciate rapidly in the first year of ownership. So you might be wondering: which RVs hold their value best? The type of RVs that hold their value …

A Newmar Corp King Aire RV has all its storage compartment door open on the bottom of the bus.

How Much Is a High-End RV?

RV models vary significantly in length, weight, and price, so deciding on the best motorhome for you gets tricky. Although, say you want to explore the extravagant end of the spectrum. How much is a high-end RV? How much you can expect to pay for a high-end RV Size matters, of course. The type of motorhome …

exterior of the Unity Murphy bed
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An Airstream RV Isn’t the Only Gorgeous Mercedes-Benz Camper

The Airstream and Mercedes-Benz motorhomes are incredible. It’s hard to watch a review for models like the Airstream Atlas or the Airstream Interstate without wanting to go out and buy one immediately. The same goes for this Mercedes-Benz camper RV. The Leisure Vans Unity Murphy Bed RV proves that an Airstream RV isn’t the only …

Awning area of the Classic.

What Makes an Airstream a Classic?

It’s true that not all Airstream models are expensive. But if you’re looking to go all out on RV, Airstream should be on your shortlist. Airstream’s Classic travel trailer is its grandest option and offers plenty of thoughtful amenities. Here’s what the new 2021 model has to offer. About Airstream’s flagship trailer  Airstream recently unveiled models from its 2021 lineup. And …

A gray Airstream Globetrotter camper off-road in the woods.

Best Airstream for a Family of Four

Even after all these years, Airstream is still among the most renowned RV brands out there. From travel trailers to touring coaches, Airstream truly offers something for everyone. But with so many available options, it’s necessary to get specific with the type of travel trailer for you. That said, some families might be wondering, what’s the best Airstream for a family …

airstream trailer parked with a truck
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The Airstream Classic Smart Trailer Might Be the Best Camping RV

 Recently the folks at Travel + Leisure put together a list of the 10 best travel trailers for those who enjoy camping and road trip adventures. Campers and RVs are trending right now. There are a lot of choices on their list for all types of travelers and families. One is the Airstream Classic Smart Trailer, which uses a new smart control …

Airstream Flying Cloud exterior
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The Airstream Flying Cloud Is the Ultimate Travel Trailer

With many people’s travel plans altered this summer by the pandemic, camper, trailer, and RV sales and rentals have seen a big surge. Popular Mechanics recently profiled several campers of various sizes. The magazine only considered campers with good safety features from highly respected manufacturers. With those standards assumed, the chosen campers were picked for …

The Airstream travel trailer is by a campsite, a truck, and solar panels.
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Airstream Launches the 2021 Basecamp 20 and 20x Travel Trailers

The Basecamp travel trailer has been one of the strongest sellers Airstream has. But demand remains strong for Airstream. That is why the company decided to make a larger Basecamp model with some attention paid to customer-requested items and features. So, Airstream has introduced two new larger Basecamp models.  Airstream’s original Basecamp model The Basecamp …

vintage Airstream RV and Camper model trailer parked on the grass at an event
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Why Are Airstream Campers so Expensive?

Airstream campers are strikingly bold and easily recognized as they travel down the highway. As shiny beacons of nomadic living, these campers have a storied past and exude generations of legendary craftsmanship. We can truly appreciate prestigious attention to detail when it comes to anything on wheels, but what we can’t figure out is why …