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You’ve heard enthusiasts jest that the Dodge Challenger is a boat. Or that classic American cars from the 1970s are “land yachts.” Joking aside, there are automotive elements that make it to marine applications. Such is the case of this 2008 Malibu Corvette Z06 boat. The Corvette-ized vessel adds performance car appeal to a water-going ski boat.

This Corvette Boat is the lovechild of a Malibu ski boat and a C6 Z06

Ok, so did any ask Malibu Boats to create a sun-soaked ski boat with an instantly recognizable Corvette flare? Probably not. However, we’re glad the Corvette Boat is a thing. Without it, the world would be that much less whimsical. That’s the case of the 2008 Malibu Corvette Z06: part boat, part car, all crazy. 

Admittedly, the Corvette Boats aren’t commonplace. Just think of the last time you saw a watercraft with those familiar Chevrolet Corvette C6 taillamps and crossed flags. However, if you want one of these car-boat crossovers, you’re in luck. A 2008 Malibu Corvette Z06 LTD is up for grabs in Visalia, California. 

An LS7 from a Z06 car sits in a Malibu Corvette boat.
A 2008 Malibu Corvette Z06 and its LS7 | Mecum

As for this particular water-going Corvette lookalike, power is courtesy of a naturally aspirated (N/A) 7.0L LS7 V8, just like the C6 Z06. It makes for a cool look, and an even better sound while pulling skiers and wakeboarders. Further evidence of the Corvette influence comes from the plentiful badges and emblems, as well as the design language.

The 21-foot ski boat is listed on Boat Trader for $55,995. While that might seem a bit spendy, it’s on par for a watercraft of this kind. Specifically, the average retail value for a 2008 Malibu Corvette Z06 LTD is around $60,890, per J.D. Power. Of course, used boat values will depend on factors like condition, engine hours, and equipment.