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Comedian John Oliver isn’t joking. The offer of a $2.4 million Provost motorhome for Clarence Thomas to resign from the Supreme Court is serious. A new RV plus $1 million a year could get the ball rolling as Clearance Thomas often accepts lavish gifts. 

John Oliver offers Clarence Thomas a $2.4 million RV to resign 

Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas often brags about his 40-foot motorcoach. It’s like a lavish tour bus that’s decked out like an RV for vacations. 

He will correct you if you call it an RV by accident, but technically a motorhome is an RV. While a motorhome has a built-in engine, vehicles that you tow also fall under the RV umbrella. 

Anyways. Clarence Thomas loves using his fancy condo on wheels to take vacations. He seeks to get away from the ‘meanness’ of Washington and be with the regular people. Even though, reportedly he’s doing a lot of corrupt things to regular people who can’t afford a luxury RV. 

A large Provost RV parked in the snow
Provost RV | Provost

Clarence took out a loan from another wealthy benefactor to purchase his quarter-million dollar RV. He paid interest on it for a while, then the debt was forgiven, so his motorhome was basically a gift. 

He has also accepted tons of lavish destination vacations, gifts, and entertainment experiences from billionaire patrons. He’s taken 38 vacations with private jets and yachts without filing them. 

According to Rolling Stone, Clarence argues that he received the gifts as personal hospitality from friends. One of the friends is Harlan Crow, a known Nazi memorabilia collector. He also covered his nephew’s private school tuition. 

John Oliver is worried that Clarence Thomas can be swayed by lavish luxury gifts. To persuade Clarence, he explained that he must be tired from stripping away women’s rights to hearing January 6 course cases he shouldn’t be and helping roll back decades of federal regulations. 

The 2.4 million dollar Provost motorhome RV offer with a million dollars per year until John Oliver or Clarence Thomas dies is legal. In exchange for this deal, Clarence Thomas must resign from the Supreme Court and never return. 

The Provost motorhome is bonkers. It’s equipped with a fireplace, a full-size refrigerator, 1.5 bathrooms, and four TVs. Stay tuned to see if Clarence accepts the deal.