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With the rise in popularity of camper vans, it makes sense that some folks are interested in a Ram ProMaster van conversion. Because of the space offered by this vehicle, upfitting one can give you things like a shower and kitchen. Some companies can even take care of the conversion process for you, allowing folks to focus fully on #VanLife.

Is it cheaper to buy a camper van or convert one?

At the end of the day, you can save money by converting something like the Ram ProMaster yourself. But, you will need to put in a lot of hours, effort, and planning to build one successfully. If you do want to take on that endeavor, it will likely cost less than buying a Ram ProMaster from a conversion company.

As seen in the video above, there are plenty of resources to help you build a camper van. At the same time, there are companies out there that are dedicated to ProMaster camper conversions. And by utilizing one of those, you can save time and resources, even if it means paying more out of pocket. 

A Ram van conversion means adventure

Van conversions are ideal for those who long for adventure. Whether you plan to live out of a ProMaster long-term, or you just want something for a weekend getaway, a camper van opens the door to do more outside. The Ram ProMaster is ideal for this task because it is highly configurable. 

The front-end of a Ram ProMaster, it could be a good camper van.
2023 Ram ProMaster | Ram

There is plenty of room inside of this Ram van to outfit it how you want. From installing a sleeping area to a usable bathroom, the ProMaster can almost feel like an RV once converted. 

Because of the popularity of this vehicle, there are various aftermarket resources for things like accessories. But Ram might be missing out on an opportunity with the ProMaster. 

What is the Ford Transit Trail?

The Ford Transit Trail is a special version of Ford’s full-size van. From the factory, it comes ready for adventure and can be easily converted. Unfortunately, Ram does not have a trim like that for its ProMaster.

2023 Ford Transit Trail van
2023 Ford Transit Trail van | Ford

It seems like it would be a no-brainer for Ram to embrace the #VanLife by offering a ProMaster that can compete with the Transit Trail. And perhaps, in the future, that is something that we will see. According to Car and Driver, Ram’s full-size van comes with plenty of standard equipment, including driver-assist features. Giving the ProMaster a factory lift kit and some adventure tech would undoubtedly make it a winner. 

How expensive is the 2023 Ram ProMaster?

The 2023 ProMaster has a starting cost of $38,260. That MSRP does make it slightly cheaper than a Ford Transit. If you plan on converting the ProMaster into a camper van yourself, or you take advantage of an upfitter company, you should definitely plan to budget for that. 

A group of 2023 Ram ProMaster models sit outside of a building.
2023 Ram ProMaster | Ram

At the end of the day, though, a converted Ram ProMaster will be a van that is ready for adventure. Even if it does fall short of offering things like all-wheel drive.