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Van life and camper van adventures don’t have to be reserved for those ready to pay six figures for a rig. In fact, you can even find a used van for less than $30,000. We did some digging to make this list of some stunning used RVs and camper vans for under $30,000. 

A Chevy Astro van | Driving Line

For buyers looking for lower pricing on used RVs, the best options are largely going to be older vans and camper conversions. According to The Wayward Home, there are several vans and campers, albeit a bit throwback, that are still good options for those that want a taste of van life. And all of them are under $30,000. 

A used Chevy Astro conversion 

If you check out places like RV Trader or Craigslist, there’s probably a used Chevy Astro conversion for sale. These used camper vans are typically priced way under $30,000. In fact, it’s possible to find them posted under $10,000.

The Chevy Astro conversion campers are affordable camper vans that enjoyed popularity in the 1990s and the early 2000s. A 3.8 liter V6 engine powers these affordable camper vans, and The Wayward Home writes that these are good, reliable engines. These vans commonly make it to 300,000 miles and more, so buying a used camper van like this is usually worth the money.  

Ford Transit Connect vans make great camper van builds

a white Ford transit Connect parked in a neighborhood
Side view of white Ford Transit Connect van | Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Used Ford Transit Connect vans are found for sale in abundance after serving in commercial fleets or as passenger vans. These make great camper van conversions. Plus, it’s easy to buy one cheap and convert it for a few thousand dollars. For this reason, these vans are great used camper vans for under $30,000. 

There are various conversion companies, like Ursa Minor Vehicles, that specialize in converting Ford vans into RVs and campers. However, something like this can also make a fun DIY project for the handier crowd of future van lifers. Either way, a used Ford Transit Connect van is a good way to become the owner of a camper in an affordable price bracket. If the Ford Transit isn’t quite your speed, minivan conversions are also growing in popularity and can be done for relatively cheap.

The Volkswagen Euro camper and the Winnebago Rialta are also great affordable camper vans

A Volkswagen European parked in a field at dusk with a mountainous backdrop and the pop top open
VW Eurovan | Road Trip Oregon

These two are both used RVs under $30,000 and are similar to each other as they are both created by the famed Winnebago RV company and powered by Volkswagen motors. The Rialta enjoyed popularity in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Since then, it’s built a nice fanbase as it boasts full RV accommodations and features a VW V6 engine. 

The VW Euro Camper is another good used RV for under $30,000. Also powered by a VW V6 engine, the Euro Camper was produced to serve as a new version of the old 1960s VW bus. It’s a full camper van with amenities like a 12-volt fridge and sleeping for up to four. 

Finding an affordable camper van

A 1999 Winnebago Rialta on a road in the forest
1999 Winnebago Rialta | Bring a Trailer

For anyone looking for an affordable camper van, these are all solid options to keep an eye out for. Research and patience will likely land shoppers in a great used RV or camper for under $30,000. In fact, it’s possible to spend quite a bit less. 

There are also rental services like Outdoorsy. Renting a few different campers like the Winnebago Rialta or conversion might help prospective buyers decide which RV is best for them. In fact, there are affordable camper van options out there. We recommend buyers start by looking at listings in places like Craigslist or RV Trader.


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