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Are you thinking about taking the plunge and buying a new camper or van? If so, you might be on the fence about whether you really want to commit. There’s a lot to take into consideration, but Outdoorsy has all the answers you need to know before riding off into the sunset.

The history behind Outdoorsy

The story behind Outdoorsy is one that is becoming very common. A group of successful people simply got tired of living the 9 to 5 life and wanted something more from life than a paycheck.

It was in 2014 when the Outdoorsy founders Jeff Cavins and Jennifer Young decided to walk away from their jobs. They wanted to start a business where anyone who wanted to visit the great outdoors could do so. They sold their homes, bought an Airstream Eddie Bauer Edition 27″ Trailer as well as a GMC Denali truck, and set out.

The pair had a simple, but brilliant idea, which they have now implemented. Outdoorsy’s site states,

“We don’t own a fleet of identical, anonymous RVs that have seen millions of miles. We’re a peer-to-peer marketplace. We connect RV owners with other campers who want the experience RVing without ownership.”

Getting it off the ground was no easy task, however. After spending seven months interviewing RV and camper owners, the pair learned what frustrated owners, and what they wanted going forward. 

The excitement was evident from the get-go. People who didn’t want to rent an RV because they already owned one were looking to make money by renting their RVs out. Others who didn’t want to buy an RV were eager to rent.

After spending months camping out in cafes and coffee shops, the team made the decision to get an office in San Francisco, and the rest is history.

Renting vs buying an RV or camper

Buying anything you plan to live in is a big investment, and it’s not one you should make lightly. There’s a lot that goes into living in a van or camper, and it pays to do your research before making the leap. And there’s no better research than actually doing it.

By renting, you can have the adventure you’ve been dreaming of without the stress of knowing this is it. It might turn out this is the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and you’ll love it. Making the decision to buy a van or camper just makes sense.

On the other hand, you might hate it. Life on the road isn’t for everyone, no matter how alluring it might seem. Then there are basic things, like figuring out what toilet paper to use so you don’t have a massive backup in your living area.

There’s a major learning curve to going from an apartment or house to a camper van, and renting will help you ease into it.

How to rent a camper van or RV from Outdoorsy


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Renting an RV using Outdoorsy is incredibly easy. You simply look for an RV you like either near your home or where you would like to stay. There is plenty of information, such as photos, owner profiles, and how much you’ll be charged each night. 

Once you find an RV you want to live in for the next few days, simply send the owner a booking request. This is the point where you can ask questions regarding the RV, and make arrangements. 

When you’ve arranged everything, you can either have the RV delivered by the owner, or you can meet to pick it up. The owner will pass over the keys, and you’re on your way. After your adventure is over, you return the RV to its owner. 

For issues that COULD arise, such as a flat tire, or any number of other issues that might turn up, Outdoorsy has your back with episodic insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. That alone takes a lot of the stress out of life on the road.

If you really loved your adventure, and think this could be the life for you, then you might be ready to begin the RV lifestyle. If you enjoyed it, but just want an RV for the weekend, you can also join Outdoorsy, and rent your RV out. The possibilities are endless.