A Class C RV is parked in a car park as members of the public are asked to stop traveling to the Scottish Highlands
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Don’t Expect People to Stop Renting RVs in 2021

The RV rental business is experiencing dramatic fluctuations. Due to a surge in the popularity of the camper business, both sales and rentals of the Recreation Vehicle (RV) saw unprecedented success in 2020. In fact, this vacation trend isn’t likely to lose much momentum any time soon. Don’t expect people to stop renting RVs in …

The Airstream travel trailer is by a campsite, a truck, and solar panels.
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Airstream Doubles Down on Vintage Vibe While Going All-in on Evs

RVs are booming. At this point, most of us understand the importance of safely traveling by isolating and being as self-sufficient as possible. In the RV game, whether camper van, motorhome, trailer, or overlanding truck rig, the demand has spurred the creation of countless new boutique builders. While the segment has become inundated with flashy …

RV campers lined up in a parking lot
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How Big of a Down Payment Do You Need to Finance an RV?

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, a recreational vehicle — also known as an RV, camper, motorhome, or travel trailer — can allow you to travel comfortably and maintain social distance from others. You eliminate the need for hotel rooms, restaurants, and restrooms on your travels with a camper. According to the RV Industry Association, 11 …

Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear V6 1996 camper van | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images
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5 Affordable Camper Vans That Are Actually Cool

Campers are increasing in popularity by the day, it seems. As COVID continues as an unfortunate fixture in our lives, the need to travel safely and socially distanced continues to be of the utmost importance. The problem is, the coolest campers can cost some pretty serious money. Airstream and Winnebago can easily get well into …

A 2021 Forest River Chaparral Fifth-Wheel RV Trailer sits at the base of a mountainside.
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Is Traveling in an RV Cheaper for Vacations?

Is traveling in an RV really a way to save money? Is it cheaper to haul your family around in a recreational vehicle for vacations instead of getting a hotel room or renting a house? Well, let’s cover a few hidden costs to consider.  Do RVs help save on travel costs?  The answer to this …

Winnebago RV camper, 2017 Travato, Hastings Mesa, Ridgway Colorado at sunset, CLASS C Motorhome.
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NADA Has Taken the Stress Out of RV Shopping

You’ve done the research and are ready to go shopping for an RV. So the last thing you want to do is spend your day at a dealership when you could be cruising to a campground. Now there’s an easier way to purchase a camper, with NADA’s RV Buying Program. Though shopping around is recommended …

A gray Airstream Globetrotter camper off-road in the woods.
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Airstream May Look Retro But That’s Only a Disguise

Very few makers of anything have captured the vintage aesthetic well while building something that works with modern ease and reliability. Plenty of automotive manufacturers have tried and failed. Look at the Dodge Charger, Challenger, Mustang, Harley Davidson, and countless others that “resurrected” a classic design for a new car. Like them or not, they …

Two people walk outside an RV camper.
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A Small Investment Can Protect Your RV for Years

An RV is a major purchase, so you want to ensure you’re doing your part to protect it. One small thing many owners overlook is a camper cover. This modest investment offers a big pay-off when it comes to protecting your rig for years to come.  For many RVers, their camper spends more time in …

An RV camper parked on the shore along Kyle of Tongue, shallow sea loch in northwest Highland, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK.
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An RV Is At The Epicenter of Blast in Nashville

A recreational vehicle is a source of joy for many families. It provides an opportunity to visit the scenic outdoors, but at the same time provide home-like shelter. So, they are made in such a way to make use of every little space. Numerous cabinets, under-bed storage, and under chassis storage are common in most …

A costumed waitress serves the desert of a four-course dinner to a couple in their recreational vehicle (RV) in the parking lot of the Kochschule Neumuenster cooking school
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Does Anyone Regret Buying an RV?

As the pandemic continues, campers are getting sold rapidly. There seem to be many stories of campers loving the RV they chose and being happy that they made the plunge into purchasing one. But are there any people who actually regret buying one? One Reddit forum shows there are some people that bought a camper …

White 2020 Leisure Travel Vans Unity RV driving through a forested mountain road
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3 Reasons Why Buying an RV Isn’t For Everyone

Are you on the fence about buying an RV? That can be a good thing. Purchasing a recreational vehicle is a serious investment, so you should consider the potential downsides before making your purchase. Plus, we have experienced RV owners and travelers sharing their buying advice.  Potential reasons to not buy an RV  First of …

A pickup tows a fifth-wheel RV trailer around a bend in the road.
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Luxury Fifth-Wheel of the Year

RV models are often updated just like cars and trucks. That is why, like cars and trucks, there is an effort to recognize the best of the best in each category annually. We’ve recently covered the 2021 RV award winners for the Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes. We’ve also covered toy haulers, travel trailers, and some fifth-wheelers. Below, …

A pickup tows a fifth-wheel RV trailer around a bend in the road.
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Mid-Priced Fifth-Wheel of the Year

Every year the recreational vehicle industry announces award winners for each category of vehicle. We have already covered the Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhome winners for 2021. Also, we spent some time going over entry-level, mid-priced, and luxury travel trailers. Today, we cover the winners of the mid-priced fifth-wheel RV models.  About the fifth-wheel …

Campers park next to Faria Beach for the Presidents Day weekend February 15, 2020, in Ventura, California.
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The Happier Camper Traveler Is the Perfect Retro Small Travel Trailer

When shopping for a travel trailer, starting small can give you a better understanding of your camping must-haves without breaking the bank. A small camper allows for the convenience needed when dealing with limited parking space without giving up the modern amenities you desire. One of the most popular manufacturers of small travel trailers is …

A woman checks out a teardrop camper at an RV show
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Luxury Travel Trailer of the Year

Travel trailers are a popular option for families to get away on an adventure but still have some of home accommodations. These vehicles provide an escape without dealing with crowded spaces such as airports, bus terminals, rail depots, or even hotels. Consequently, travel trailers’ sales, indeed sales of all RV variations, have been booming during the global …

A double axle 2021 Radiance 28BH travel trailer RV
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Mid-Priced Travel Trailer of the Year

Each year, this is one of two times for the best deals on a pop-up camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome. Fortunately, it is also the time of year that RV awards are announced. That means that right now, it is easier to identify a good unit to take the family on an adventure in. We have already …

Interior of a Forest River R-pod
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The Forest River r-pod Is a Great Lightweight Travel Trailer

Lots of people have hit the road this year in newly purchased trailers or motorhomes. This vacation style provides a great way to see the country and bring both your transportation and housing with you. A lightweight travel trailer is one good option for buyers looking for a camper, and the Forest River r-pod was …

A white teardrop RV from NuCamp RV
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RV Awards Season: 2021 Entry-Level Travel Trailer of the Year

Travel trailers are a popular form of recreational vehicle. A myriad of towing vehicles can be used to transport them from one scenic spot to another. However, they vary in luxury appointments and pricing. That is why the travel trailer of the year awards are broken down into smaller categories by RV News. Below is a listing of the …

RV camper drives on road with winter landscape
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How to Safely Handle Your RV in the Snow

Winter is coming, and it’s bringing tons of ice and snow with it. That means you could find yourself trying to drive your RV in icy conditions during holiday travel. Holiday travel is crowded, dangerous, and cops are paying extra attention during these times. So, learn how to safely maneuver your RV in the snow …

An RV camper parked on the shore along Kyle of Tongue, shallow sea loch in northwest Highland, Sutherland, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK.
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What Is the Best Way to Sell a Used RV or Camper?

When it comes time to sell your used RV, the thought of where to even begin could feel a bit overwhelming. Unlike a car, there aren’t as many reliable tools to determine the value of a used RV, making it that much harder to get started. Kelley Blue Book does not handle the valuation of …

A Daigno Koroc P houseboat floats on the water at sunset.
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This Houseboat Is Basically a Floating RV

We’ve all heard of camping on land or at parks. But do you know you can camp on water? It’s now a thing, and the company Daigno helped make it happen with its unique houseboats like campers on water.  Anchoring these homes on the water is a lot like leaving your RV at a campsite, …

Angry trucker
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Do Truckers Hate RV Travelers?

Sometimes RV travelers and truck drivers cross paths, and sometimes the interactions aren’t exactly comfortable. You may feel unwanted by truckers as you park your recreational vehicle at a truck stop. This could make you wonder if truckers are dangerous or where you should park your RV. So, let’s explore the beef between campers and …

The kitchenette inside off a Basecamp 20X model
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How to Prepare for Holiday Cooking In Your RV

Given what we know about the latest trends, more families are spending the holiday season in RVs this year. Conventional RVs, motorhomes, and versatile campers have risen in popularity as travelers look for a safer way to adventure. If you have been curious about how to create a traditional holiday meal in your RV, you’ve come to the right …

2019 Ram 1500 Rebel driving on dirt road
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It’s A Terribly Expensive Time to Buy A Used Truck

Hold on to your wallet. If you’re looking for a used truck right now, then you could lose a lot more money than expected. Used pickup truck prices are skyrocketing right now. It seems like prices are making major jumps in the blink of an eye.  Prices keep growing  I know what you’re thinking. If …

Winnebago Ekko Camper van
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The Winnebago Ekko Is a Camper Van Made for Winter

Unlike many of the camper vans we cover these days, Winnebago has been around a long time and has a reputation to consider. Winnebago mostly made large motorhome RVs usually piloted by retirees headed to Ft. Lauderdale or someplace. However, Winnebago isn’t a stranger to the smaller, more rugged gear needed to roll with the …

RVs parked at a lot by the ocean
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Keeping the Holidays Fun In An RV

The holidays are commonly a time of spreading cheer . . . or trampling shoppers. But, I digress. One thing that helps get people giddy with excitement for the holidays is decorating their homes and participating in neighborhood activities. However, life in an RV can be a little different during the holidays. So, below are some ways to bring …

Panoramic view of the white Ford Transit-based 2021 Wonder RL
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Common RV Mistakes That Cops Watch Holiday Travel For

They know when you are speeding, they see when you aren’t wearing your seatbelt, they’ll give you a ticket, ruining how your holiday travel felt. Alright, so we review automobiles, not holiday songwriters. But the point is, cops are watching. They will spot RV mistakes and could pull you ever. Learn how to safely avoid …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
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What Are RV Black Water and Gray Water Tanks?

Not everybody is familiar with a recreational vehicle. Instead, some people are just RV curious. So, many terms tossed about in brochures and websites may be unfamiliar to them. That is okay. Everybody starts learning somewhere. For example, the terms black water tanks and gray water tanks are often used in connection with RVs. Below …

A Winnebago Navion RV sits in a valley on a nice blue-sky day.
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Tricks to Get Around the 10-Year RV Rule

I recently posted an article about the infamous ten-year RV rule. The article pointed out that there are multiple reasons a campground may institute a policy barring recreational vehicles more than ten years old. But, different things can be done to get around the RV age rule. Problems with the 10-year RV rule At the center of the …

Total Composites camper van
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This Composite-Body Camper Fixes 1 Major RV Problem

The overland and camper/RV scenes have fully overlapped in the boom of outdoor activities in Covid times. Overlanders have always been about that DIY life. As more people want camper vans during an economically tough time, the camper vehicle community has adapted to rely heavily on DIY methods. Customization and fabrication are what make camper …

A stock photo of the Jay Feather Micro Trailer.
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The 10-Year RV Rule Can Spoil Your Vacation Plans

There are many campgrounds across the country that allow a person to wheel up in their RV. But, not all campgrounds are the same. Some are pickier than others on who they let in. For example, some campgrounds have a ten-year rule. Not knowing this ahead of time can ruin vacation plans. What is the 10-year rule? The ten-year …