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Buying an RV is a big decision. Not only is it a significant financial responsibility, but owning an RV also comes with significant responsibility. And while hitting the open road in an RV seems like the adventure of a lifetime, how do you know it’s the right decision for you? Here are just a few of the reasons why renting an RV before you take the leap into ownership is a good idea.

Discovering what’s necessary and what’s not

There are thousands of RVs out there, which means there is a large variety of sizes, layouts, and RV types. From compact and comfortable to larger than life, it can be hard to know what kind of RV is right for you.

Before making a huge purchase, it can be beneficial to do your own research by renting an RV. Renting before you buy allows you the opportunity to hone in on what it is you need and want before you are stuck in a long-term commitment. What size RV would work best for your purposes? Will you be using it to live in, travel extensively, or simply go camping on the weekends? How many people do you need to sleep at one time? Do you need a vehicle that can tow it?

Renting an RV can help you decide on personal preferences and necessities like floor plans and layouts, seating and sleeping arrangements, and other amenities before buying. It can help you decide which amenities and functions you can’t live without and which ones are unnecessary.

As pointed out by Chickery’s Travels, trying out an RV (even for just a few trips) before committing can be enough to save you from strong regrets later on.

Getting to know how you fit into the RV world

Owning an RV is about more than picking the right make and model. RV ownership is an entirely unique world, which can take some experience in getting used to.

As homes on wheels, RVs can be intimidating and come with a lot of responsibility. Renting an RV before you buy it gives you the perfect opportunity to experience life as an RV owner. You’ll be able to experience driving it, parking it, and setting it up.

This can help you decide not only if the “RV life” is right for you, but also what size and type of RV can be easily managed by you as an owner. As our friends at Escapees point out, the only way to learn all the specifications and jargon associated with RVs is to experience it yourself. Learning about power, wattage, gallon-size, and more takes time and experience.

According to Outdoorsy, renting beforehand allows you to focus on what’s important when you make your purchase, instead of on insignificant things like changing lanes on the highway and backing into a camping spot. You cannot learn everything about an RV at once, so renting gives you the ideal education before ownership.

You will be able to understand better how the RV and its inner systems work, without having to learn the hard way with an RV you can’t bring back.

Saving you unnecessary costs

No one wants to spend money on something that they later regret. And an RV, no matter how small, is a significant financial responsibility. Before taking that leap into ownership, you can rent an RV to decide if it’s worth the investment or not.

Not only does renting help you stay away from making a bad first decision, but it also helps you decide on the appropriate price you are willing to pay for the size, function, and amenities you need. Renting before owning can help you avoid paying for something you end up not wanting or having to trade in later.

Before signing on the dotted line, you’ll be able to see any and all quirks and problems with a specific model. And if something should go wrong with the RV while you rent, you’ll be able to avoid the hefty cost of paying for repairs. Renting can really help you see whether the long-term commitment is worth it or not. Will you use the RV enough to justify its price? What about maintenance, repair, and storage costs?

An RV is a bonafide house on wheels that provides you the same amenities you can get at home, but with the opportunity to go anywhere you please. Owning an RV allows you to travel basically anywhere you want, get in touch with the great outdoors, and according to The Fun Times Guide, save up to 30% on travel expenses. But an RV is also a big responsibility. Renting one before you purchase can help you avoid financial regret later and discover the perfect RV of your dreams.