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The camper van market is booming. After over a year of off and on travel restrictions and other interesting changes to the freedom of wanderlust, more households want a home on wheels for their next road trip. Camper van pricing can get steep. However, these used camper vans for less than $10,000 are ready for your next adventure

Nissan Quest stealth minivan camper van build in the forest
Nissan Quest Minivan Camper | Van Camper

I’ve had a little fun scouring both Vanlife Trader and Van Camper. As of this writing, sellers list the following camper vans on these van sales sites, but let’s just use them to represent the realm of possibility. These vans show what you can expect in a used camper van under $10,000. 

This used Ford E350 for $8,900

rear view of the ladder and bike rack of a tan ford e350 camper van
Ford E350 Camper Van | Vanlife Trader

Listed on Vanlife Trader, this 2003 Ford E350 is a great example of a used camper van under $10,000. It’s been painted a nice neutral tan, has a DIY insulation job (which is a total game changer), and nice built-in storage. OK, so the bed situation is a little unclear from the photos.

However, the description states that the van is ready for updates and a bed install. That said, a solo camper could easily put a bedroll between the cabinets. This Ford E350 has a ton of potential, but (assuming it’s mechanically sound) it could also leave on an adventure today. 

This used van for going off the grid is already equipped with updates like a backup camera, roof fan, solar panels, and an inverter. It’s a 2003 vintage, but a USB port for charging was added, in addition to a refrigerator. There’s also a bike rack. 

interior of the Ford E350 camper van finished out with wood cabinets and tongue in groove ceiling
Ford E350 Camper Van | Vanlife Trader

This used camper van for under $10,000 has nearly 260,000 miles on it. However, a well-treated Ford E350 can last up to 500,000 miles according to Motor and Wheels. Motor and Wheels also writes that, if poorly maintained, these vans rarely make it to 200,000 miles. That leads us to believe that this particular model was taken care of as it has already made it this far. 

This used Nissan Quest stealth minivan camper for $9,500

Nissan Quest camper interior with the bed made and a scenic view
Nissan Quest Camper | Van Camper

This ad on Van Camper is actually for a van that’s already been sold. However, I still put it on the list because it’s a great example of what shoppers can get for less than $10 grand. This is a Nissan Quest minivan camper build that is nice and inconspicuous. 

Although this one is sold, the seller actually writes in the description that they may take on some build requests. Plus, this is just a good way to show that there are talented conversion builders out there selling camper vans that are ready for your next adventure. In addition to that, finding a good used camper van under $10,000 is possible.

Look for sellers that show the mechanical repairs and upgrades in addition to the built-out interior and tech updates. This Nissan Quest post shows a 100,000-mile odometer. According to Vehicle History, these Nissan minivans “easily” last to 200,000 miles or more.

A good used camper van for less than $10,000

mechanical upgrades show beneath the Nissan Quest camper
Under the Nissan Quest Camper | Van Camper

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For those looking for a used camper van under $10,000, these are great examples of what buyers can expect to find. They won’t be perfect. In fact, most of them will need an additional upgrade. However, with a smaller initial investment, there might be a little more financial wiggle room for improvements before hitting the road. 

Picture like this one above, though not exactly the best quality photo are great for seeing repairs and upgrades. Also, this photo calls attention to the importance of checking underneath any vehicle (especially used) you are considering for purchase.