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Eric Boman

Eric Boman joined MotorBiscuit as an Autos Writer in 2022. He brings with him experience writing for companies such as Cox Automotive and HotCars. Eric’s enthusiasm for 4×4 vehicles, off-roading, and novelty exotics began at an early age and, after earning a B.A. in English from Pittsburg State University, Eric set out to merge his love for both writing and cars into a successful career as an automotive journalist. He is also working toward an MBA from Colorado State University.

In order to keep up with our dynamic industry and in a constant effort to stay current when it comes to automotive news, Eric follows the work of publications like Car and Driver and MotorTrend. A passion for world travel also gives voice to some of his unique coverage of European 4x4s. Though much of Eric’s inspiration comes from a drive to be outside in nature and embarking on off-road adventures, he also dreams of one day owning a classic car like the Trabant.

Eric is also Google Analytics Certified. Additionally, Eric is currently an active member of the Kansas City Social Symphony.

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