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Since its introduction, the Ford Maverick has become extremely popular. That might be surprising, as you don’t typically view small trucks being a hit here in the States, but the Maverick has been proving people wrong. And now, this compact pickup is getting an exciting upgrade. A new Maverick camper option can be added to the bed of your Ford truck.

Can the Ford Maverick have a camper?

Despite being a small truck, you can add a camper shell to the Ford Maverick. The latest camper is known as the Scout Tuktut. This shell is designed by Adventurer Manufacturing, and it joins the growing list of Ford Maverick accessories. 

A Ford Maverick is driving with a camper shell on it.
Ford Maverick | Scout

As a camper, the Tuktut weighs in at 634 pounds dry. That means it’s a bit lighter than some of the other products out there. Depending on how you spec it, this Maverick camper shell starts at $16.5k, which isn’t necessarily cheap, especially given how affordable Ford’s small truck is. 

The Scout Tuktut is a hard-side, non-slide cabover Ford Maverick camper. It is designed to be lightweight, which is good considering the Maverick’s hauling capacity. Because of that low weight, customizing this camper should be fairly easy. And Adventurer Manufacturing even provides a guide for upfitting advice. 

The Maverick is a small truck that’s ready for adventure

Despite its compact sizing, the Ford Maverick is built for adventure. It’s not going to get you through extremely harsh terrain like a Jeep Wrangler, but its MSRP also starts at under $25k. You can get Ford’s small truck with AWD, and the Blue Oval has given it some legit off-road packages. 

The Ford Maverick Tremor is showing off as a truck that's good for camping.
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

Overall, it’s easy to see why this compact pickup has taken off in terms of popularity. Buying one feels nearly impossible in 2023, and sometimes used prices are actually higher than getting one new. As the aftermarket support heats up, folks who enjoy camping might put the Maverick on their short-list of trucks to consider.

So far, the Maverick has campers from multiple aftermarket companies. Now, you can add the Tuktut camper from Adventurer Manufacturing to that list. Unfortunately, quality campers are not that affordable. So some Maverick owners might be better off with the traditional tent when it comes to camping. 

Are Ford trucks good for camping?

According to Driving Line, the Ford Maverick can be ideal for camping. Things like the available Tremor package will give you a truck with legitimate utility. Even if you are not paying the same price you would for a full-size pickup. 

A small Ford truck, the Maverick with a camper shell.
Ford Maverick camper | GFC

While you don’t necessarily need a camper shell to camp with your pickup truck, it is something that can be nice to have. A camper can help keep you protected from the outside environment, and it gives you more amenities. Now, there’s another camper out there for your Ford Maverick. And it might be worth your time to check it out.

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