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With the popularity of the Ford Maverick, it’s no surprise that aftermarket support is starting to pop up. If there is one thing that truck owners love, it is modifying their pickups. And it looks like small trucks like the Maverick are not immune to that. Borla has now introduced an aftermarket exhaust for the Ford Maverick, and it doesn’t sound half bad. 

Are there aftermarket exhausts for the Ford Maverick?

As a small truck, the Maverick has multiple companies making aftermarket exhausts for it. You can get an exhaust system from brands like MRT, Magnaflow, and now Borla. That’s right; long-time aftermarket exhaust builder Borla introduced a system for Ford’s small truck. 

Recently, the company posted a video of what the Ford Maverick S-Type exhaust system sounds like. And you can check out that video above. It clearly sounds more aggressive than the stock exhaust. For someone looking to make their Maverick a little more special, an aftermarket exhaust could be a modification to make. 

The system from Borla will work with Maverick trucks equipped with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. It is a cat-back exhaust, and it looks like there are three different versions. The S-Type is for folks looking for that sporty exhaust sound. So it might not be right for everyone.

What does adding an aftermarket exhaust do?

Generally speaking, an aftermarket exhaust can make your vehicle sound better. There is also potential for an increase in power because airflow will be increased. In the case of a cat-back exhaust, modifications are made to the back of the catalytic converter. Because of that, emissions are not changed. 

The Ford Maverick now has an aftermarket exhaust for it.
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

If done correctly, you should see better performance, hear a better sound, and get an improved look. Typically the exhaust tips are also modified, and that will be a visible change to the look of your vehicle or Ford Maverick. 

Modifying your Ford truck can make it your own

Oftentimes, truck owners do enjoy making modifications to their pickups. Whether it be a lifted Ford Maverick or a modified exhaust from Borla, there are a number of changes that you can make to your small truck. According to MotorTrend, there are many different modifications for pickup trucks out there. 

With how popular the Ford Maverick is, it is not surprising to see various aftermarket companies making products for it. Sure, it’s not a huge pickup like the Ram 1500, but it can still do truck stuff. 

A yellow 2023 Ford Maverick is driving down the road as a small truck.
Ford Maverick | Ford

There’s now the Maverick Tremor and when properly equipped, this pickup can tow up to 4,000 pounds. Plus, with its fairly affordable pricing, you might have more of a budget to make quality modifications. 

Clearly, companies like Borla see a market for things like aftermarket Maverick exhaust kits. And it is not the only company making them.

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