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The Ford Maverick is a big success. Part of the Maverick’s success is due to attracting buyers that might not normally buy a truck. Ford stated that many Maverick buyers previously owned a Honda Civic. This could explain the interesting choices that Maverick owners made with aftermarket modifications. Check out some of the unique ways that Ford Maverick owners modify the popular pickup truck.

Modified Ford Maverick with graffiti-style paint

Rear angle view of custom Ford Maverick with graffiti-style paint, showing ways owners modify the pickup truck
Custom 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

One of the wildest Ford Maverick modifications is from Kenneth McCay of Forney, Texas, as detailed by CarBuzz. McCay, the moderator of the 2022 Ford Maverick Customs Facebook group, took modification to the extreme with “a drastic reduction in ride height, enormous alloys, and neon underglow lighting.” This custom Maverick especially stands out with its graffiti-style paint.

As noted by CarBuzz, the look of this Maverick harkens back to the “glory days” of the Fast & Furious franchise — particularly, “the time when “Brian O’Conner drove a Ford SVT Lightning for Racer’s Edge.”

Modified Ford Maverick with custom running lights in the grille

The second modified Ford Maverick is from Matt Meredith of Liberty Hill, Texas. He runs the 2022 Ford Maverick – Modified Maverick Facebook group. Meredith also chronicles his Maverick modifications on his YouTube channel. 

For his Maverick, Meredith removed the front fascia and installed some custom running lights. While he bought the Maverick for personal use, “he decided to use the truck to showcase” his company, Bullseye Custom Autos. Also, Ford reported that Meredith “modified six other Mavericks.”

Custom Ford Maverick with blacked-out lettering and a tonneau cover

White Ford Maverick with blacked-out lettering, showing ways owners modify the pickup truck
Custom 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

The final modified Ford Maverick is from Cassiday Hatch of Ririe, Idaho. Compared to the other custom Mavericks, this Maverick modification is conservative. Hatch added a “tonneau cover and blacked out the lettering on the tailgate and a couple of other areas.” However, she has bigger ambitions for her Maverick, with plans for “a custom retro wrap, new tires, and a lift kit.”

Ford Maverick’s versatility enables owners to configure the truck in many different ways


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An owner of a Ford Maverick doesn’t necessarily have to radically modify the truck to personalize it to suit their tastes and needs. One of the attributes of the Maverick is its versatility, which enables owners to configure the truck in many different ways.

Much of the Maverick’s versatility comes courtesy of its FLEXBED. The FLEXBED provides versatile configurations with 2x4s or 2×6 boards that you can slide in its slots. Additionally, the FLEXBED has two tie-downs, four D-rings, and 12 available anchor points. For plugging in tools and accessories, the Maverick has two 110-volt outlets and two 12-volt 20-amp prewired sources. Various uses for the FLEXBED include DIY solutions, segmented storage, and racks for bikes, kayaks, or other outdoor equipment. 

To show the potential of the Maverick for DIY enthusiasts, the truck features QR codes at various points. Owners can scan the QR codes with their smartphone, and then view ideas for DIY projects, a parts list, and instructions.

Whether you do an extreme custom job or follow some of the configurations suggested by Ford, one thing is clear: the Ford Maverick is a great truck for modifications.