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Sometimes it seems impossible to keep up with the changing pace of car technology. Looking back on history and seeing how cars have evolved can be fun and interesting. Finding those elite and unique cars that hold a special place in automobile history is even more interesting. One good example is the 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith. Do you know what made this unique car so special? 

The front grille of a Rolls-Royce luxury car.
Rolls-Royce is one of the iconic luxury car makers | Spencer Platt/Getty Images

This 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith had unique features including a toilet

In 1954, Vignale built only one Rolls-Royce. This Silver Wraith was custom ordered by Joseph Maschuch of New York, according to Hagerty

The 1954 long-wheel-base chassis was sent to Alfredo Vignale Coachworks in Italy from New York and finished in the Spring of 1955. 

Maschuch ordered quite a few unique features to add to his car. He wanted the engine block, cylinder head, generator, starter motor, air cleaner, carburetor, and inlet manifold to have a green paint finish. 

The aluminum valve covers were to be highly polished. All visible pipes under the hood were to be chrome plated. 

The inside had a lot of beautiful woodwork. There was even a television inside that woodwork. There was a full bar and a telephone next to the rear seat. 

One very advanced feature for the time was the front seats were electronically operated. The radio was a Becker Mexico. 

The rear seats were backward reclining. 

However, the gold toilet under the back seat was the most interesting and unique feature. This toilet even had the ability to dump onto the road as the car drove by. 

The toilet inside the Rolls-Royce was fully-functional 

It is true that the toilet under the backseat of this Vignale 1954 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith was functional. It was not functional in the same sense that modern toilets work. But, it could technically be used and then dumped onto the road below. It was even directly across from the television that was built into the woodwork. So, Maschuch could have used the toilet on long trips, all while watching television. 

However, while that is technically true, it was not the primary use of the built-in toilet. Maschuch told curious fans that the toilet was only used to keep champagne chilled. 

Modern Rolls-Royce automobiles can still have champagne


Prized Gold-Plated Rolls-Royce Remains One of the World’s Most Expensive Royal Cars

Modern Rolls-Royce vehicles can feature champagne coolers, although we wouldn’t recommend using them as a toilet. These extravagant coolers are factory accessories and can set you back upwards of $50,000. Rolls-Royce can tailor the cooler to your liking if the standard model is not special enough for you. 

A hidden button sets everything into motion as the four main compartments open for easy access. Two drawers are on each side with two black aluminum and carbon-fiber tubes. A serving tray from Tudor oak rises above four hand-blown crystal champagne flutes. 

Of course, the luxury is in the details.

There are four cotton napkins tucked under the glasses. The champagne bottle is hidden inside an insulated tube. You still need to pre-chill the champagne before your trip, however. The other insulated tube protects a helping of snacks. There is a “caviar configuration” with four separate containers to hold your caviar and whatever suits your fancy. 

Two mother-of-pearl spoons with aluminum handles stick to their magnetic drawer. This champagne cooler comes standard in a black-and-red leather scheme. However, you can custom order other colors for an additional cost. The cooler is made to be minimalistic on the outside and pure extravagance on the inside.