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Don’t judge trucks like the Ford Maverick by their size because they can actually make great overland options. We’re serious because the Scout Tuktut transforms the 2023 Ford Maverick into a spacious camper that you need to check out. 

The Scout Tuktut makes camping in the Ford Maverick easy 

The 2023 Ford Maverick with the Scout Tuktut camper on the road
2023 Ford Maverick with Scout Tuktut Camper | Ford

Taking an overnight stay or camping in the Ford Maverick might seem difficult due to its compact size, but there are plenty of solutions available. The Scout Tuktut serves as the newest camping platform solution for Maverick owners. 

Adventure Manufacturing designed the Scout Tuktut as a lightweight, affordable option with plenty of customization options. It features a hard side, non-slide cab-over design and weighs 634 lbs when dry. 

The Scout Tuktut weighs 300 lbs less than the Yoho camper and serves as a blank canvas that can be tailored to specific needs. It starts at $16,500, and there are six Explore series options available. 

For example, the Minimalist has a bed extension system that’s 80 inches long and a Molle cargo organization system. The Tradesman features a fold-out desk system to provide a mobile workspace. 

The fitter guide helps those who want more custom options with features like bedrails, camper jacks, bunk extensions, and outdoor performance fabric-covered cushions and mattress options. 

Is the Maverick Tremor the best for camping? 

We can picture the 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor as the best option to be paired with the Scout Tuktut. It has a few more off-roading upgrades than the FX4 package has to offer. 

Either way, it’s best to pick a model with AWD, which means going for the gas engine instead of the standard hybrid powertrain. 

The Maverick Tremor features a 1.0-inch suspension lift, bringing the ground clearance up to 9.4 inches. It also includes a twin-clutch rear drive unit with a differential lock. 

Plus, it has unique front and rear springs, enhanced shocks, a heavy-duty transmission cooler, upgraded half-shafts, skid plates, tow hooks, and a full-size spare.   

With the advanced off-roading system, rear axle torque can be diverted to either wheel. Off-roading modes include pavement, mud, sand, snow, and tow. 

Trail Controls acts as an off-roading cruise control system by managing the throttle and braking. Simply set your preferred speed and focus on steering. 

How much can the Maverick tow? 

2023 Ford Maverick with Scout Tuktut Camper on a white background
2023 Ford Maverick with Scout Tuktut Camper | Ford

The 2023 Ford Maverick can tow up to 4,000 lbs and carry a payload of up to 4,000 lbs and carry a payload of up to 1,564 lbs. You need the Tow package to achieve this figure. Also, the Maverick Tremor can tow the same amount. 

This is plenty of muscle for hauling the Scout Tuktut and other camping equipment. You can tow up to 2,000 lbs with the Maverick Hybrid, and the payload capacity is the same. 

The Maverick Tow Package costs $745 but requires the truck to be equipped with AWD, which costs $2,220. So, in reality, the towing upgrades cost roughly $2,965. 

The Tow Package includes a trailer hitch receiver with a 7-pin connector, a trailer brake controller, a transmission oil cooler, a higher capacity radiator, an upgraded cooler fan, and an upgraded drive ratio. But the Tremor has standard AWD and a hitch receiver.

While the Maverick is tiny, it can do more than you think. Now the Scout Tuktut enhances the mighty compact truck even more. Stay tuned for the latest Ford truck updates and adventures.