Don’t Overlook the 2011 Toyota 4Runner if You Need a Used SUV

Toyota designed the 4Runner for people who aren’t content to stay on the highway. While there’s no reason you can’t use the Toyota 4Runner as your daily commuter, the vehicle shines when you take it off-road. It has the power and durability needed to explore rugged trails. Drivers who love camping and other outdoor adventures often gravitate to the 4Runner. While a new vehicle is always nice, it’s often difficult to talk yourself into taking a vehicle that was just in a showroom to the middle of the woods. If you are more comfortable using a used vehicle for your off-road escapades, you should consider purchasing a 2011 Toyota 4Runner.

What made the Toyota 4Runner special in 2011

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2011 was one of the years when many vehicles that had always been considered crossovers made an obvious shift toward becoming a crossover. The 2011 Toyota 4Runner was one of the few exceptions. It continued to maintain its trucklike power and durability while offering passengers a convenient third row of seats. The only real difference between the 2010 and 2011 4Runner was that Toyota decided not to bother installing a four-cylinder engine in any of the 4Runner trim options.

In 2011, Toyota produced three different 4Runner trim options. All three were equipped with a gasoline-powered 241-hp 4.0-liter V6 engine. Edmunds reports that the vehicle is equipped with a five-speed shiftable automatic transmission. All 2011 4Runners are equipped with cruise control, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel, puddle lights, padded touchpoints, a power rear window, and a CD/MP3 audio system that includes eight speakers and an auxiliary audio jack.

Strictly speaking, the 2011 Toyota 4Runner was designed to accommodate seven passengers; however, the third-row seat is small and provides a limited amount of legroom. It’s only suitable for children and small adults. The third-row seating does provide a good spot for pets and additional storage. With the seats folded down flat, the 2011 4Runner has 90 cubic feet of cargo capacity.

Why the 2011 model remains a great vehicle in 2021

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The biggest drawback to purchasing a 2011 Toyota 4Runner is the price tag. Even though the vehicle is 10 years old, it has retained its value. You should plan on spending between $16,100 – $19,425 for one that is in good condition. Granted, this seems like a lot for a used SUV, but it’s important to remember that this is a vehicle that will still sell well in a few years, can take you places, such as mountain tops, that other vehicles simply can’t reach, and it has a reputation for being extremely reliable.

It’s impressive that at 10 years old, the vehicle still enjoys a Consumer Reports reliability score of five out of five. Its customer satisfaction score is an equally impressive four out of five, with the biggest driver complaint being a less than stellar fuel economy. 

When it comes to a used SUV that you can use for off-road adventures, you should take a look at any 2011 Toyota 4Runners you find in your area.

Purchasing a 2011 Toyota 4Runner

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If you have decided that a 2011 Toyota 4Runner is the perfect choice for you, make sure that you only purchase a used vehicle from a seller who is willing to let you take it to a mechanic for a pre-purchase check. The purpose of this check is to make sure that there’s no sign of undeclared flood damage, that all of the vehicle’s safety features are in good working condition, and there aren’t any obvious mechanical flaws that will eventually lead to buyer’s remorse.

Are you currently looking to add a Toyota 4Runner to your garage?