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The Ford Mustang hit a big one this year. You know what I’m talking about: the big six-oh. On April 17th, 1964, the first Mustang met an adoring public at Flushing Meadows, New York for the World’s Fair. A fitting venue for one of the most popular car models in history. As such, Ford is releasing a 60th Anniversary Mustang model, but the Ford Mustang Anniversary Edition won’t hit the road until 2025, nearly a year after the nameplate’s big birthday. 

The first Mustangs were technically 1965 models so Ford will release just 1,965 Mustang 60th Anniversary Edition cars as 2025 models

1964. President LBJ signs the Civil Rights Act. The Beatles are taking the world by storm. And Ford Motor Company draws the curtains back on an icon: the Mustang. The car was an instant hit. Now, 60 years later, the Blue Oval is celebrating the birthday with a Ford Mustang Anniversary Edition.

However, Ford says the latest Mustang Anniversary Edition will be a 2025 model rather than a 2024. It makes sense and it also doesn’t let me explain. Although the Mustang got its unveiling and sold thousands of cars long before the calendar pages read 1965, the car was technically a 1965 model year vehicle. You may have heard many Mustang fans talk about 1964 ½ models. That’d be why. 

The 2025 Ford Mustang GT Convertible with the 60th Anniversary Edition appearance package in profile.
The 2025 Ford Mustang GT Convertible with the 60th Anniversary Edition appearance package

As such, it makes sense that the 60th Anniversary Ford Mustang special edition would hit the streets in 2024. Still, we’ll get over the Mustang being late to its own party. Especially considering what it chose to wear to the party. The 1,965 models will feature red, white, or blue paintwork and stripes to accent the body’s hue. Oh, and Wimbledon White is the lighter option, naturally. Cue the screeching eagles and fireworks. 

A cloisonné badge on the back of the Ford Mustang 60th Anniversary appearance package.
A cloisonné badge on the Ford Mustang | Ford

Understandably, Ford will place special edition badges throughout, including cloisonné badges reading “GT 60 YEARS” on the decklid and “5.0” on the quarter panel replacing the standard letterwork. Of course, if you’re already misty-eyed and nostalgic about the Mustang’s tenure, there’s no choice other than Wimbledon White.