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Not every car, truck, and SUV is a hit right off the production line. In other cases, the vehicles below from Ford, Mitsubishi, and Nissahadng an off year. However, these used cars with poor reliability ratings have some flaws that cannot be ignored. Not to be dramatic, but you can probably skip these cars and sport utility vehicles.

1. 2021 Ford EcoSport

U.S. News selected the 2021 Ford EcoSport as a used car with poor reliability ratings for a few reasons. In the subcompact SUV class, the competition is pretty fierce. Ford only equipped the 2021 EcoSport with a 1.0L three-cylinder engine with 123 hp. Even though this SUV is quite small, it still felt underpowered and sluggish. That is especially true with multiple people in the car or heavy cargo. On top of that, the EcoSport did not offer a comfortable ride or much hope for reliability.

2. 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage

Even though the 2021 Mitsubishi Mirage is one of the used cars with poor reliability ratings, it did offer an affordable cost. Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there. The Mirage only received a 1.3L three-cylinder engine that gets 78 hp. It wasn’t known for accelerating in an efficient manner, and you might have to get up to speed quite slowly. While Mitsubishi has been working on its reliability in the last few years, the Mirage still falls below expectations.

3. 2019 Buick Cascada

You don’t remember the 2019 Buick Cascada? This compact convertible stopped production after 2019, and this version did not go out with a bang. It came with many standard equipment and features but earned poor reliability ratings. The 2019 Cascada only had a 1.6L turbo engine with 200 hp. With only four seats, the specs were underwhelming across the board. Buick’s reliability has improved in the last few years, but the Cascada was not a good buy.

4. 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 

Though the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross earned poor reliability ratings, this used car got 26 mpg of fuel economy in the city. However, this other Mitsubishi SUV had similar issues to the Mirage. Build quality was sub-par, and the 152 hp from the four-cylinder engine simply was not enough power. Mitsubishi’s engines were known to be loud and unreliability. Plus, with only 22.6 cubic feet of space behind the seats, it rounded out the back of the class for cargo capacity.

5. 2020 Nissan 370Z

The 2020 Nissan 370Z had a lot of things going for it, like how it handled and how fun it was to drive. Beyond that, it didn’t impress in the areas of reliability, and the ride quality was pretty stiff. Going over bumps in the 370Z might give you a headache, not to mention the fact that it is loud in the cabin. Inside, Nissan used too much plastic, and some styling choices made it look cheap. The automaker also decided to forego touchscreens in many trim levels, making it look much older than a 2020 vehicle. Overall, there are better choices for the money.

The sea of used cars and SUVs is filled with plenty of more reliable fish. Sometimes, going up or down a year can solve many issues. Some of these models were on the way out, which could be the best thing for it. That usually means a new and improved model could be on the way.