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Many SUVs follow a similar design language that can make vehicles look alike across different brands. However, this one weird Honda SUV broke the mold with its unique vibe that sets it apart from the crowd. The Honda Element was thoughtfully designed and perfect for carrying all your gear, dogs, or even 10 golf bags (unverified information, someone report back). Check out what this sport utility vehicle had to offer and what sort of safety scores it received in its last year on the market.

The Honda Element SUV is among the longest-lasting vehicles

You would be right if you guessed that the Element was the weird Honda SUV hitting 250,000 miles easily. iSeeCars recently looked at some of the longest-lasting vehicles on the market in the last 20 years. The Honda Element SUV landed in the top 20 out of all vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Model% Chance of Lasting 250,000+ MilesCompared to Average
Honda Pilot42.7%3.6x
Honda Element27.8%2.4x
Honda CR-V27.5%2.3x
Honda Accord27.1%2.3x
Overall Average11.8%
Longest-lasting Honda SUVs | iSeeCars

This weird Honda SUV has a 27.8% chance of hitting 250,000 miles, more than double the average vehicle. Even though Honda has not produced the Element since 2011, it remains a durable vehicle option. This compact SUV was built to fit into your life, and with so much space inside, it was kind of nuts.

Rear-hinged doors in the back made the cargo area easy to load up with surfboards and other large equipment. It had 75 cubic feet of space in the back for whatever you might need to take along. Honda even offered a Dog-Friendly package to ensure man’s best friend was comfortable while traveling in the Element.

How reliable is this weird Honda SUV?

The final years of this weird Honda SUV were some of its best, offering a reliable ownership experience. Edmunds says the 2.4L four-cylinder engine with 166 hp was pretty bulletproof. It was paired with an automatic transmission and front-wheel drive on most options. All-wheel drive was available, and so was a manual transmission for a few years.

This was not the only Honda that landed on the list of longest-lasting vehicles, either. The Honda Pilot has a 42.7% chance of hitting 25,000 miles. That is more than 3.6% higher than the average vehicle. With three rows of space and plenty of room in the cargo area, the Pilot has a reputation for being an excellent family vehicle. It is also known for being one of the longest-lasting and safest SUVs.

The Honda CR-V is another option, which was actually the platform the Element used back in the day. Honda’s CR-V has a 27.5% chance of hitting 250,000 miles. Thanks to Honda’s commitment to reliable engines and durable transmissions, it makes sense some of its smaller SUVs would potentially run 250,000 miles or more.

Was the Honda Element safe?

This weird Honda SUV did not receive a redesign during its time on the market. For whatever reason, that old style still worked well enough for the Element. Drivers found it easy to park and maneuver, adding to the utility.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did not rate the 2011 Element, but the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety did. It earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick award, with high marks on the four main crashworthiness tests. It protected the driver in the overall evaluations.

Even if you don’t end up with this weird Honda SUV specifically, the brand has proven to be a good long-term choice. Honda recently made the list of brands with proven reliability, which is a big deal. Maybe with enough support, the Element will be revived as an all-electric SUV in the future.


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