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Build a Ford Model T in 84 Not-So-Simple Steps

The Ford Model T was one of the first cars to ever be produced via an assembly line, which might sound a bit crazy. In today’s world, almost every car in the world is made on an assembly line, and cars that are built by hand, like Aston Martin, are now much less common and …
three Hertz rental kiosks have no one using them.

Hertz Bankruptcy Saga Continues

Back in May Hertz, the rental car giant, announced bankruptcy. The move was largely attributed to the global COVID-19 pandemic. For the most part, people stopped traveling. Consequently, fewer people rented cars. We have covered before how we anticipated that the bankruptcy meant many of Hertz’s cars were going to invade the used car market …
Ford Model T

Throwback Thursday: Ford Model T

In the history of cars, the Ford Model T is iconic. When it rolled out onto the streets in 1908, it shared the roads with horses, carriages, bicycles, steam-powered cars, and electric cars. But the Model T was the first affordable car, a car for the masses. For that, it made history, and those streets and industrial manufacturing have not been …