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Can an electric vehicle travel around the world? If it could, that would be another milestone for EVs, proving they can handle the same challenges as traditional gas-powered vehicles. Six months ago, an intrepid explorer and a Ford Explorer EV ventured on a journey to prove this EV had the chops to handle global travel.

How did the Ford Explorer EV make history?

Lexie Alford and the Ford Explorer EV made automotive history by circumnavigating the globe. Alford is a young travel influencer who is the youngest person to travel to every country in the world. With Alford at the helm, the Explorer EV traveled the globe, covering more than 18,000 miles.

This journey is historic; the Explorer EV becomes the first electric vehicle to make this journey. Considering the newness of electric vehicles and the scarcity of proper charging stations in some locations it’s pretty impressive that the pair completed this journey.

Ford celebrated with a row of vehicles

A row of Ford vehicles welcomed Alford and the Explorer EV home, or at least a happy end of the journey, in Cologne, Germany. Some consider this location the proverbial finish line, but Top Gear reported an actual finish line in Nice, France.

Regardless of the actual finishing point, Ford welcomed the pair home with a line of 26 Ford vehicles, including many classic models. This welcoming lineup included a replica of the 1912 Model T. This was the vehicle Aloha Wanderwell drove around the world in the 1920s. Strangely, the Model T sat next to a 2017 Ford GT. Other Ford models present to welcome the travelers home were:

  • 1969 GT40 MK3
  • 1986 RS200 police car
  • 1965 Ford Transit MK1
  • 1977 Ford Fiesta MK1
  • 1965 Lotus Cortina MK1
  • 1970 Ford Cortina MK2 1600E
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E

 This somewhat odd conglomeration of vehicles is a pretty cool way for Ford to welcome the Explorer EV home after a successful global trip.

Ford Explorer EV and Lexie Alford posed during their worldwide tour.
Ford Explorer EV and Lexie Alford | Ford

The Explorer EV heads UK dealers soon

Another example of the Explorer EV is on another tour, visiting several dealers across the UK. This tour it is not quite as glamorous as circumnavigating the globe. A third model participated in the Rose Monday Parade in Cologne.

This new Ford EV should reach UK dealers in August, giving the European market a new electric Ford.

The display of classic Ford models is a fantastic way to welcome home a historic vehicle and driver, proving the Ford Explorer EV is capable and useful in any region of the world.

Source: Ford Authority