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Ford has debuted another EV model. This one uses the Explorer nameplate – but it’s not for Americans. The new EV is a compact crossover designed and built specifically for Ford’s European market. But hope is not lost for American drivers wishing for a Ford Explorer EV. We Americans may get our own version when all is said and done.   

Europe’s Electric Explorer is a partnership with Volkswagen 

The new Ford Explorer EV rendering on a road with mountains in the background.
Ford Explorer EV | Ford

Images of the European Ford Explorer EV arrived this week. According to Car and Driver, the compact crossover uses the Volkswagen MEB platform. Styling is unmistakably Ford with its corporate headlamp shape and prominent badging. But underneath the surface, the Explorer EV shares components with the Volkswagen ID.4. 

Ford has not revealed specific performance details for the European Explorer EV. But according to Car and Driver, it’s likely to use a similar-size battery to the VW ID.4 and offer about 200-300 horsepower. 

Unlike the three-row American market Explorer, the European EV variant appears to be a compact model similar in size to the Ford Escape. It appears to be a two-row crossover with seating for five passengers. Photos show a modern interior aesthetic with accent lighting and a prominent center touchscreen. 

Car and Driver says Ford will produce the new Explorer EV in Cologne, Germany, with orders now open. 

Will the U.S. get an Explorer EV?

The interior space of a new Ford Explorer EV in shades of grey and blue accent lighting.
Ford Explorer EV Interior | Ford

According to Car and Driver, Ford has previously indicated that the U.S. market will get its own Explorer EV. The American version will supposedly be larger than the European variant, in line with the current midsize Explorer model. No specifics are currently available, so we’ll have to wait for Ford to make the official announcement.  

How many Ford EV Models are there?

A red Ford Mustang Mach-E drives on a canyon road with rock formations and desert in the background.
Ford Mustang Mach-E | Ford

While Europe has just added the Ford Explorer EV to its stables, the American market has three pure EV models from the Detroit automaker. 

The Ford Mustang Mach-E made a big splash when it debuted a couple of years ago. Rather than fit the existing Mustang with an electric motor, Ford designed an entirely new platform with a sport-crossover body. It’s a departure from tradition for the Mustang name – but it’s found a strong position in Ford’s lineup. 

With the new F-150 Lightning, Ford dove headfirst into the EV truck maelstrom. The Lightning competes with the likes of the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV in a growing segment that has received lots of attention. The F-150 Lightning retains more traditional truck styling than its rivals. 

Finally, there’s the E-Transit Van – Ford’s attempt to capture the fleet EV market. The EV-Transit offers all of the flexibility and utility of the Transit cargo van with the added performance advantages of EV technology. 

Ford has poured enormous resources into developing EV technology for the U.S. market. It’s more than likely that the brand’s electric vehicle lineup will expand over the next few years. In fact, Ford has stated that it intends for EVs to comprise 40 percent of its model lineup by 2030, according to Car and Driver. A new Ford Explorer EV will probably be among the additions.


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