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Ford is one of the most popular American automakers, and one of the reasons for the company’s popularity simply has to do with the fact that drivers love their cars. This is true for many of Ford’s most popular models, and it’s definitely true for the Ford Escape as well. Here’s a look at what Ford Escape owners have to say about their Ford SUV.

A red Ford Escape, one of the best compact hybrid SUVs to buy, parked in front of a building.
Ford Escape | Ford Media Center

An overview of J.D. Power’s survey of car owners

Every year, J.D. Power sends out a survey to thousands of owners, and that survey provides a lot of insight into what actual owners think about their cars.

One of the most interesting parts about the survey, however, simply has to do with the owners ranking their car based on 10 categories. The lowest-ranked categories are areas where owners generally disliked the car, while the higher-ranked areas is what owners loved about their cars. Based on the findings of the survey, the Escape’s weakest areas are all inside the cabin.

Its infotainment system, which is composed of a 4.2-inch touchscreen display as standard, is the Ford SUV’s worst feature. The SUV’s interior design is its second-worst feature. The car’s driving comfort is in third-to-last place. Then there’s the matter of getting in and out of the car, followed by setting up and starting the car.  

Ford Escape owners love the style and safety of their SUV

The areas that owners liked about the Escape mostly have to do with how it drives. Owners liked the Escape’s powertrain options, and the SUV’s fuel economy is also appreciated by owners. Additionally, owners liked how the Ford’s “driving feel.” The two areas where the Escape did the best, however, were in how safe it felt to drive, and its exterior styling.

The Escape is a compact SUV, so it’s not the biggest car on the road. That being said, the Ford SUV has won numerous safety awards, so it can definitely handle many types of crashes well.

On top of that, Ford put its Co-Pilot360 safety suite of smart safety features on every Escape model as a standard feature. This will improve the safety of the SUV with the help of safety features like automatic emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring.

The top-rated area on the Escape, however, was its exterior styling. This is an area that is hard to quantify, as some folks may think that a car looks good, while others may not. That said, Ford did revamp the SUV’s styling for the 2023 model year, and it does seem to be a hit with most owners.

Furthermore, it’s good that drivers are happy with how safe and good-looking their Escape is, as those are common reasons why someone it attracted to a car. 

The Ford Escape offers a lot of options to its owners

Overall, J.D. Power seems to agree with what Escape owners had to say about their car. The issues with the Escape’s cabin and infotainment systems can be fixed by paying more money to get access to the higher trims of the SUV. 

Those trims will give the Escape a more premium cabin, as well as a much better infotainment system. The Escape starts at about $26,500, and it comes with an 181-hp engine as standard. Ford also offers some hybrid options, and they can increase the SUV’s fuel economy to 40 mpg combined. 


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