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It’s not uncommon for consumers to rely on industry-critic reviews to help guide their purchasing decisions. And there are plenty of evaluations, first drives, and rating systems out there to help you make sense of which vehicle models are better. But if you’ve narrowed your selection down to the Ford F-150 Lightning and the GMC Hummer EV, this is the recap you need to see. 

In this head-to-head, explore the most important categories you’ll consider before choosing, including performance, quality, and comfort. And see which truck declares victory in this contest and maybe finds its way into your garage.

A Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat all-electric pickup truck model driving off-road on a worn dirt trail
Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat | Ford Motor Company

Key points from the U.S. News evaluation of these two behemoths

There’s no shortage of beefy pickup trucks to choose from in 2023. But your list gets much narrower if you’re more interested in an electric truck. You can have rugged and capable along with electrification in a big way with the Ford F-150 Lighting or the GMC Hummer EV. And U.S. News did some comparing of these two electrified contenders.

U.S. News dove in to pit these two trucks head-to-head in a few key categories. The team compared affordability and reliability.

They also compared interior features, interior quality, and seat comfort. Additional categories included cargo space, electric driving range, and safety equipment. And, of course, no truck evaluation is complete without also comparing towing prowess, acceleration, ride, and handling. 

Comparing these two electric trucks

In this head-to-head comparison, the Ford F-150 Lightning shines a host of categories. For starters, the Ford wins in affordability by almost half with its MSRP of $51,974 compared to the GMC Hummer EV’s tag of $108,700.

Climbing inside the two electric pickups, Ford wins again with roomier and more comfortable seats, more cargo space, and better interior quality touch points. This isn’t to say the Hummer EV doesn’t present quality, ample space, or comfy seats. Instead, it just means the Ford managed to be slightly better in marginal ways.

The GMC Hummer EV had its fair share of wins, too. In the interior features category, the Hummer EV does have a few extras, including standard ventilated front seats and a heated steering wheel.

And in what might make a difference in your purchasing decision, the Hummer EV provides up to 329 miles on a full charge, whereas the F-150 Lightning offers 300 to 320 miles of range, depending on the trim you choose.

In terms of reliability and safety, it’s still too early to make official determinations since both models are still relatively new and without enough history on the road.

Why the Ford F-150 Lightning is the better choice

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the better choice, at least in this comparison, for a few key reasons. It’s slightly better in major categories, including towing and ride handling, along with the others already mentioned.

The price alone can be a dealbreaker for many, too. But according to U.S. News, the Ford is just more practical, offers more of an upscale quality interior, and is a more comfortable truck. And while there might be more bragging rights when you pull up in a behemoth Hummer EV, the F-150 Lightning is just going to represent the smarter choice between the two.

There’s no question that both the F-150 Lightning and the Hummer EV are quality electric trucks worth test driving. And they’re both innovating the electric truck space in a big way. But when you start sifting and comparing the key details that matter most to your decision, you might come to the same conclusion U.S. News did. And you might be driving an F-150 Lightning off the lot for these very reasons.


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