This Is When the 2020 Ford Bronco Will Be Released

When Ford announced the return of the Bronco at the 2017 North American International Auto Show, the excitement of its fans was off the charts. And they’ve been waiting patiently ever since. We now know that the new Ford Broncos will arrive at dealerships by the middle of 2020. And we have some details about the all-new Broncos for die-hard fans who’ve been waiting for years for this revival.

There Will be Two-Door and Four-Door Models

The biggest news is that the new Broncos will be available in both two-door and four-door models. Ford’s first teaser image of the Bronco led us to expect a two-door version. That there will also be a four-door version is good news and makes a lot of sense. The four-door Jeep Wrangler makes up a generous portion of Wrangler’s sales. It’s currently the Bronco’s biggest competition.

It Will Have Removable Doors and Roof

Bronco’s doors will be removable like those on the Wrangler and easily stored in the cargo area. Sources say that unlike Wrangler, the Bronco will feature side mirrors mounted to the A-pillars. Its hardtop roof will also be removable. At the time of its release, it will be one of three convertible SUVs on the market. The other two would be the Range Rover Evoque (if it sticks around) and Wrangler.

Ford submitted patents in April that suggest Bronco may use a soft top or roll-out mesh in place of the hardtop once it’s off. The drawings further suggest the cloth top may convert into a temporary tent area when not in use. The mesh would allow airflow while keeping out the sun for a carefree ride experience.

Sharing a Platform with Ranger

During that same auto show when Ford announced the return of Bronco, it confirmed that the mid-size Ranger was also making a comeback. And it did, arriving in January 2019.

We learned in 2017 that the Bronco and the Ranger would share a platform. The platform actually originated in the 2010 Asia-Pacific market and got an upgrade in 2015. It got another makeover for the US giving it a fully-boxed frame.

There have been sightings of the Bronco test mule, and it’s based on the current Ford Ranger. Its short wheelbase seemed to suggest that it was for a two-door version. If both Broncos have similar dimensions to the Wranglers, it won’t come as a shock. 

A Baby Bronco and More

There’s also news of a “baby Bronco” crossover which some say will arrive before the new Bronco. The smaller, crossover is taller, boxier, and designed to give more of an off-road feel. While it’s said baby Bronco will share it AWD/FWD structure with Ford Escape, its more sophisticated AWD system and extra ground clearance will give it more 4×4 street cred. Will it offer the same powertrains as Escape? We’ll have to wait for its release in 2020 to know for certain.

Sometime after the release of Bronco and its smaller, crossover counterpart, it’s said a new unibody pickup truck is coming. It will offer off-road capabilities and step up as a rival for Jeep.

The Bronco We’ve Been Waiting For?

Fans who’ve been waiting for the new Broncos will be happy to hear that the popular SUV will keep its boxy retro look. According to dealers, the new Broncos will feature a square grille with the SUV’s name and rounded headlamps. Teaser images have also shown that they will offer the spare tire mounted to the rear. Sources in the industry say that the design is cooler than what they’d envisioned. When it finally arrives next year, people can decide what they think. Still, the news leaking out hints at the Bronco dedicated fans have been waiting on for years.

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