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Tesla Drops Model S, X Base Models

Tesla has made waves in the electric vehicle (EV) space by promising a mass-market EV which general buyers could afford. The Model 3 price drop brought the company closer to this goal, but price hikes and shady cancellations may impede their progress toward this goal. Were you waiting to receive your Model X or Model …


Is Synthetic Oil Really Better for Your Car?

Engineering Explained recently broken down several reasons that synthetic oil is superior to conventional motor oil. You can check out the reasons below, but we’ll also go over a couple of reasons why synthetic oil is worth it. Conventional Oil Conventional motor oil is composed of a refined form of crude oil, created by exposing …


The World’s Fastest Tractor Just Hit 103 MPH

The world’s fastest tractors have set a blazing pace over the last several years, and the record has been broken once again. Topping out at more than 100 mph, the world’s fastest tractor produces over 1,000 hp and nearly 2,000 lb-ft of torque. A 7.2-liter six-cylinder diesel engine powers the gargantuan record-breaking machine. Tractor racing …