2019’s Best Trucks for Less than $35,000

There are so many great trucks coming out in 2019, it might be hard to choose your favorite. While you can go all out and choose a top-of-the-line truck, it’s also possible to get the truck you need for under $35,000.

When you’re looking for a truck, think about what you’ll be using it for. Do you need the highest load rating or the best winter handling? How important is it that your truck retain its value over the years? With many models, you can save money by foregoing cushy interiors and trim packages, if the truck’s performance is what really matters to you.

The Best Affordable Trucks in 2019

Here’s a rundown of the best trucks under $35,000 coming out in 2019, from Car and Driver:

GMC Sierra 1500: With a 4-door extended cab that comes standard and a baseline V-6 engine, this truck is a great basic option with room for the whole family. The Sierra can tow up to 12,200 pounds, and boasts a smooth and responsive driving experience.

Toyota Tundra with Work Package: The Work Package strips down the Tundra a bit, bringing the price down. With a standard V-8 engine and high tow rating, this truck is a true workhorse.

Nissan Titan: For drivers who don’t need the most powerful hauler, the Titan offers a comfortable cabin and decent fuel economy.

Honda Ridgeline: Drivers who want a truck that feels a bit like an SUV might look at the 2019 Honda Ridgeline. Though it lags behind rivals in towing capacity, its comfortable interior and smooth handling combine the luxurious touches of other vehicle classes with the power of a truck.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500: A smooth ride meets a satisfying range of engine options in the Silverado 1500, and ingenious built-in interior storage adds to its capabilities.

Ford F-150: The F-150 is an American classic, the best-selling truck for decades, and in the basic configuration it’s a very affordable truck. Roomy seating, good handling, and powerful towing capabilities make this classic truck still one of the best options out there.

Ram 1500 Classic: By choosing the older model of the Ram 1500, which is being extended as a budget-friendly option, truck buyers can save some money while still getting a dependable truck with a few comfort upgrades.

Ford Ranger: This formerly compact truck has been brought back as a mid-size option, and represents a very affordable option. While the base packages are stripped-down and offer few luxuries, the Ranger is still a worthwhile truck with enough power for many drivers.

Toyota Tacoma: If you’re looking for a truck that’s built to handle off-road conditions and heavy loads, and you don’t need a car-like driving experience, the Tacoma might be right for you. The manual transmission offers the best ride, so this is also a great truck for drivers who like that option.

GMC Canyon: A top-rated truck with several affordable packages, the Canyon combines speed, fuel economy, and good handling.

Chevrolet Colorado: Depending on which options you choose, the Colorado can be a great combination of everyday car and work truck. A diesel option offers great fuel economy and hauling power.

Nissan Frontier: The Frontier is a bare-bones truck for the budget-conscious buyer who truly doesn’t need any bells and whistles. While it lags behind most competitors in power and handling (and comfort), it still maintains popularity among drivers who just need a basic pickup truck.

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