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Can you believe that it’s been more than 20 years since Ford stopped manufacturing the Bronco? We still remember the devastation of realizing that there would be no more of these iconic SUVs on the road.

Ford is finally planning on making more Broncos and we can’t wait to see them on the dealership lots, on the backroads, and cruising down the highways. We’ve been eagerly scanning the internet and bugging our sources at Ford for any and all details about the 2020 Ford Bronco

Today, we finally have an exciting (and surprising) potential leak to report based on reporting from Off-Road.

There might be a 4-cylinder Ford Bronco

The leak comes from a surprising source. In this case, it was someone who decided to play with the parts check computer at a local auto parts store. When they typed in the Ford Bronco, they not only discovered that the information had been placed into the computer system, but that it will use the same type of spark plugs as the Ford Ranger.

Based on this information, it’s possible that at least some of the Broncos will have a four-cylinder engine. It’ll be less powerful than if it had V-6 or V-8, but the smaller engine will be considerably more fuel efficient.

A smaller, more efficient version of the Bronco engine makes sense when paired with what Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, said about a Bronco Hybrid. The hybrid is supposedly going to combine elements of both the Explorer and the Escape. It will be equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission, a 3.3-liter V-6 engine, an electric motor, and the same powertrain the Ford Explorer uses.

Other things we know about the new Bronco

Ford has been extremely closed mouth about what we can expect from the upcoming Bronco. Based on rumors, leaks, and a few comments from the Ford Company, here’s what we know so far.

The doors and top will be removable, which means the Bronco will provide steep competition for the Jeep

In addition to making a comeback at the same time, both the Bronco and the Ford Ranger will share a platform. 

If you like the control you get from a manual transmission, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a rumor (at this point it’s nothing but a rumor) that the Bronco will be available with an automatic or standard transmission. The standard transmission would be excellent if you plan on doing a great deal of off-roading. 

Ford has been serious about the new version of the Bronco being ideal for off-roading. While Chevy has been happy to make SUVs that serve as the main source of family transportation, Ford has set its sights on competing with both the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover’s Defender.

There is going to be a smaller version of the Bronco. Currently, it’s called the Baby Bronco, for those who like the iconic look of the Bronco, but don’t want to deal with that large of a vehicle. Motor Trend anticipates that this small version of the Ford Bronco will serve as the hybrid Bronco.

When will you catch your first glimpse

No official word has come down stating when you can see the 2020 Ford Bronco for yourself. But, it won’t surprise anyone if Ford starts showing off the Bronco at the 2020 Detroit International Auto Show.

It has always been Ford’s preferred venue for big announcements and debuting exciting new vehicles. It’s also likely that the Bronco will start going on sale late in 2019 or early in 2020.