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The Ford Focus made a great first compact car or hatchback for teen drivers or college students that didn’t need a lot to keep them happy. The model was a smaller car with a reasonable price tag and the ability to make it a bit more luxurious with increases in trim level. It had a comparatively short run beginning production in 1999 in the U.S. and ending in 2018.

The reasoning behind the discontinuation of the model was due to Ford’s desire to put their attention more on the SUV and truck market as both these styles of vehicles grew in popularity. The model was cut, along with all others of its kind, except the mustang. Therefore, if it is your hope and dream to own one of these you will have to buy it used, but be wary of the used models. The car is known to have many common issues that may not make it worth the purchase if ample research is not done.

About Ford 

  • 2018 Ford Focus (Starting MSRP: $17,950)
  • Pro: It was basic, compact, and made a great first car with an excellent price tag.
  • Con: The used models tend to have a variety of problems, such as transmission troubles. 
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