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2010 Ford Focus SE

The Only Way to Sell a 2010 Ford Focus Might Be Making a Fancy Commercial

“Going viral” is the new “making it.” Everyone wants their goofy skit on whatever social platform to go viral. As car classified ads are getting more prevalent on the internet, so too are videos accompanying the sales ad. Give anything long enough, and someone will do something exceedingly clever. If you find yourself needing to …
A photo of the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S utilizing its drift mode on track.
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Drift Mode Is a Pointless Hot Hatch Feature We Actually Love

The recent unveiling of the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R brought along the announcement of a unique new feature. The Golf R now features a new drift mode, which in theory, should allow its owners to do wonderful skids on the track. The VW isn’t even the only hot hatchback to offer it. So far, only …
A yellow 2015 Ford Focus ST
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The Ford Focus ST: A Used Hot Hatch That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

While the Mustang is now Ford’s only performance passenger car, until recently it offered several more. The AWD Focus RS tends to be easily remembered, but it isn’t the only hot hatch Ford once offered in the US. It’s not even the only Focus-based one. The FWD Ford Focus ST may have been overshadowed by …
A Ford Focus RS, at Stratford Waterfront in London, displays its 'Buzz Moment' whereby some exterior lights illuminate in tune to the driver's emotions
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The Ford Focus RS is the Best Car You Probably Shouldn’t Buy

Part of loving cars, trucks, and motorcycles is leaving yourself vulnerable to heartbreak. Not every vehicle we love can always be the right fit. Some of us eagerly await some sport wagon to come from Europe that never does. Others of us fall for an old smoker that we know in heart of hearts will …
A burgundy Explorer in the desert
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Most Complained About Ford Models

Ford sells a lot of cars, trucks, SUVS, and crossovers. Surely with mass production like this, not everything always turns out perfect. Sometimes owners have issues and they complain. Then, if the complaints are bad enough, some Ford consumers post their complaints on websites such as so that others can use their experience for …
A blue 2016 Ford Focus RS on a tree-lined misty road
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Does the Ford Focus RS Deserve the Hype?

With the death of the Fusion, Ford only has one passenger car remaining that isn’t a crossover or supercar: the Mustang. And while the pony car offers impressive speed, the automaker used to offer a wider performance selection. Only a few short years ago, Ford offered several hot hatches, like the Fiesta ST and Focus …
2012 Nissan Maxima
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Avoid These Cars If You Want a Reliable Transmission

Transmission repairs and replacements can be one of the most costly parts of car ownership, but automatic transmission problems aren’t something that most car owners struggle with. Transmissions can fail due to many reasons, including harsh shifting habits and manufacturer defects, but there are some car models that have been statistically more likely to have …