The Only Way to Sell a 2010 Ford Focus Might Be Making a Fancy Commercial

“Going viral” is the new “making it.” Everyone wants their goofy skit on whatever social platform to go viral. As car classified ads are getting more prevalent on the internet, so too are videos accompanying the sales ad. Give anything long enough, and someone will do something exceedingly clever. If you find yourself needing to sell a boring car like a 2010 Ford Focus SE, take a page from John Goerke’s book and make a full-blown Hollywood-style film to help sell your now elevated ride. 

John Goerke really wants to sell his 2010 Focus SE

I share the amazement of the folks at Motor1 as I’m about to describe the plot to the used car ad. Granted, it’s not the most complex plot, but it has a plot nonetheless. Our hero has a rough night of what appears to result in him drunkenly stumbling toward his car, which, admittedly, isn’t the greatest messaging. Either way, once behind the wheel of his noble Ford Focus, he is revived and ready for anything. 

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Easily the best part of this budget blockbuster is the cheesy yet endearing rendition of “Blinding Lights” by The Weekend. This homemade track, along with the amateur cinematography, makes for a piece that feels good and kind of works somehow. Like, after watching this video a couple of times, you find yourself feeling like, “Maybe having this Ford Focus could be kinda fun.” That, of course, is simply me being tricked by a good ad. A plain Ford Focus is, indeed, not fun. That’s science. 

Should you buy a Ford Focus?

I mean, they are cheap. Consumer Reports doesn’t say much one way or the other. The only real fact to stand behind on the Ford Focus is that it is painfully average. It simply exists. Technically, most of the CR ratings for the 2010 Ford Focus range from OK to good, but the owner satisfaction was rated at a depressing one out of five. Even though it doesn’t really have any technical issues, people hate them. 

2010 Ford Focus SE
2010 Ford Focus SE | John Goerke

The Ford Focus isn’t fast, but it’s not painfully slow. It’s no Toyota or Honda, but it is reliable. The Focus isn’t decked out in fancy tech or plush interior, but it’s not completely spartan or drab. It has a smooth ride and is relatively quiet. Basically, every aspect of this car can be wrapped up by saying, “Yeah. It’s fine.”

You may have originally thought, “Why would this guy feel the need to spend this much time making a video for such a boring car. Well, he’s trying to sell a boring car. Selling cars can be hard. Selling a boring car can be impossible. 

How much is a 2010 Ford Focus worth? 

Ah. That is the million-dollar question. Well, the $6,000 question, at least. John Goerke is asking $6,000 big ones for his big-screen Focus. Motor1 says the car has 120,000 miles, and Goerke says the car has been well maintained with regular maintenance and oil changes. From what we see in the video, the Focus might be boring, but it does look clean. 

I don’t anyone is tripping over themselves to buy a 2010 Ford Focus, but you gotta respect the man’s effort to make a boring car seem exciting. Best of luck, John.