Gabriel Vega

Gabriel Vega has been an automotive journalist and content creator since 2017, joining our crew in 2020. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media from Florida International University and has since mastered news coverage coordination, organizing workflow to maximize reader benefit wherever his passion for autos writing has landed him.

Gabriel is proud to have forged many positive relationships with auto manufacturers directly through his written work, having spent years in vehicle testing for multiple automotive media outlets, including Univision, where he filmed a test vehicle series,, and HotCars.

At MotorBiscuit, Gabriel can be most often found covering sportscars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. His project car, an iconic Guards Red 1987 Porsche 911, with which he has a stormy relationship, provides him with plenty of inspiration for his more technical pieces.

Gabriel habitually reads the work of his fellow automotive enthusiasts, including journalists Clint Simone, Jaime Gabaldoni, Simón Gomez, Jared Rosenholtz, and Jeff Perez.