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Gabriel Vega

Gabriel Vega has been an automotive journalist and content creator since 2017, joining our crew in 2020. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communication and Media from Florida International University and has since mastered news coverage coordination, organizing workflow to maximize reader benefit wherever his passion for autos writing has landed him.

Gabriel is proud to have forged many positive relationships with auto manufacturers directly through his written work, having spent years in vehicle testing for multiple automotive media outlets, including Univision, where he filmed a test vehicle series,, and HotCars.

At MotorBiscuit, Gabriel can be most often found covering sportscars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. His project car, an iconic Guards Red 1987 Porsche 911, with which he has a stormy relationship, provides him with plenty of inspiration for his more technical pieces.

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An image of a blue 2021 Lexus RC F parked outdoors.

2021 Lexus RC F Review, Pricing, and Specs

Since its introduction back in 2015, the Lexus RC F has served as the brand's best weapon against German rivals such as the BMW M4, Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe, and the Audi RS 5. Thanks to its naturally-aspirated V8, comfortable suspension, and high-quality interior, the RC F manages to stand out. In fact, it might be the most exciting option out in the real world.
An image of a 2021 Genesis G80 parked outdoors.

2021 Genesis G80 Prestige Review, Pricing, and Specs

When most buyers envision a midsize luxury sedan, they're likely thinking about German brands such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz. However, this week, we're looking at the 2021 Genesis G80, a midsize premium luxury car. Aside from offering great value at its price point, the G80 manages to cram tons of new tech into a package with a unique aesthetic.
An image of a 2021 Volkswagen Atlas V6 parked outdoors.

2021 Volkswagen Atlas V6 SEL Premium R-Line Review, Pricing, and Specs

If you're looking for a three-row SUV to drive a large family around, you've got more options today than ever before. To stand out, the 2021 Volkswagen Atlas provides ample space, tech features, and agile handling. However, you don't need the largest engine or all of the most expensive options to get the best out of this three-row SUV.
An image of a CD Player in a Chevrolet Express van, one of few models GM is killing the option for.

GM Just Killed This 1 Feature You Already Forgot About

It is no secret that most brand-new vehicles currently on sale offer up Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as standard. However, a new report indicates that GM plans to remove the CD player as an option for all of its cars starting next year. For now, just two commercial vans offer this aging feature in 2021.
An image of a Toyota FJ Cruiser parked outdoors.

Toyota Managed to Sell 1 Brand-New FJ Cruiser in 2021

When the Toyota FJ Cruiser arrived for the 2006 model year, it impressed with its retro design, robust underpinnings, and excellent off-roading capabilities. Despite going out of production for the 2014 model year, a brand-new one of these off-roading SUVs just sold during the first half of 2021. However, chances are more brand-new examples are hiding out there.
An image of Princess Diana driving her Ford Escort.

Princess Diana’s Missing Ford Escort Sells for $72,000

If this story seems familiar, it's because Princess Diana's Ford Escort popped up in the news a few weeks ago after vanishing over 20 years ago. However, the car just sold at auction for an astronomical amount. While it's certainly one of the most expensive Ford Escort's ever sold, it isn't owned by a person. Instead, a museum bought it.
An orange 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E racing through a city.

2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Outsells Normal Mustang in June

When the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E first appeared for sale, plenty of folks had plenty to say about its looks, and more importantly, its name. However, sales figures for the month of June reveal that the electric crossover outsold the muscle car, an unsurprising fact given its mass-market appeal. Moving forward, this gap will likely only increase.
An image of a custom-built Lamborghini Countach replica.

This Fake Lamborghini Countach Took 17 Years to Build in a Basement

There is no denying that buying a real Lamborghini Countach is out of reach for most mere mortals. However, one man decided to take it upon himself and build a replica of this Italian supercar in his basement. The process took 17 years and ended with I'm breaking parts of his home to free the car.
A red 2018 Dodge SRT Demon driving down a prepped dragstrip

Report: Dodge Might Unveil Its First Electric Muscle Car on July 8th

It is no secret that Dodge plans to build an electric muscle car at some point in the near future. Since the Hellcat models debuted a few years ago, they revived the brand’s aging muscle car offerings. Since then, we’ve seen countless special editions with ungodly amounts of horsepower on offer. However, a new report …
An image of a Hyundai Elantra N in a photo studio.

Ultra-Sporty Hyundai Elantra N Debuts Soon – Here’s What We Know so Far

Over the last few years, Hyundai has continuously demonstrated a commitment to developing sporty models that are genuinely affordable and fun to drive. However, it seems the Korean carmaker is ready to expand its lineup with the arrival of the Hyundai Elantra N. If the rumors are true, it should benefit from any of the Veloster N's greatest parts.
A red 2021 Tesla Model 3 driving, the Model 3 is one of the best EVs with over 100 MPGe

Police Catch Tesla Model 3 Driver Sleeping With Autopilot on the Highway

Whether you believe the Tesla Model 3 and its Autopilot system are the way of the future or just fancy cruise control, there's no denying that the system has created a few unusual situations. However, police officers recently stopped and cited a driver that had allegedly fallen asleep behind the wheel while on the highway traveling at 82 mph.
An image of an Alfa Romeo Giulia parked outdoors.

Study: Alfa Romeo Drivers Are the Most Likely to Have a Speeding Ticket

It is no secret that buying a quick and flashy car such as an Alfa Romeo will likely help you snag a speeding ticket. However, it seems speedy drivers gravitate to this Italian brand the most, with a significant portion having at least one speeding violation on their record. Additionally, there are multiple brands with speeding problems.

The 2021 Land Rover Defender and Discovery Just Hit a Major Setback

It is no secret that the automotive world has been severely affected by the global microchip shortage. The latest shortage has affected the 2021 Land Rover Defender and Discovery, which roll off the production line in Slovakia. Unfortunately, this is only the latest in a series of shutdowns that have affected both Land Rover and Jaguar.
An image of a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 parked outdoors.

Ford Spotted Testing a 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 in Detroit

It is no secret that the 2021 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has been a tremendous sales success for the American carmaker. However, a new report indicates that Ford has been busy testing out a Corvette around Detroit. Given its lack of a mid-engined sports car, testing the C8 makes sense. Now we'll have to wait and see what it comes up with.
An image of a Ferrari 488 Pista out on a track.

$500,000 Ferrari 488 Pista Gets Wrecked by a $5,000 Renault Twingo

Buying a Ferrari 488 Pista is no small feat. Aside from needing to cough up enough cash to cover its astronomical base price, Ferrari might not even allow you to buy one if you don't have an established relationship or track record of buying previous models. However, one of these cars just crashed into a Renault Twingo during a recent rally, causing massive damage.