This Fake Lamborghini Countach Took 17 Years to Build in a Basement

There is no denying that buying a real Lamborghini Countach is out of reach for most mere mortals. However, one man decided that the Italian supercar’s price tag wouldn’t stop him from owning one. Ken Imhoff decided he would spend 17 years carefully building his own Lamborghini in his basement. This included utilizing a mix of replica and genuine parts.

In a video by Wonder World covered by Motorious, we even get to see the moment Imhoff decides to break up his home to bring the Countach out of the basement. However, after such a long build time, Imhoff decided to sell the car shortly after it was completed.

How real is this Lamborghini Countach replica?

As you might imagine, there are a few good reasons why this Lamborghini Countach replica took 17 years to build. For starters, Imhoff reportedly utilized a wood frame as his base for the car. From there, Motorious reports that he utilized an English wheel to shape the car’s aluminum body panels. As a result, this car is completely hand-finished.

To ensure that this replica looks somewhat close to the original, Imhoff reportedly decided to employ a mix of genuine parts amongst his fabricated ones. This includes a genuine front bumper and fender extensions. Additionally, these genuine components gave Imhoff good reference points when it came time to shape the rest of the car.

In terms of the rest of the car, it features a tube frame and a Ford V8 in the middle. According to Wonder World, the engine is a Ford Cleveland Boss 351 developing around 514 hp. Performance aside, Imhoff created custom-built wheels and finished the car’s complete paint job by bringing individual pieces out of the basement.

The owner had to break his house to free the car

An image of a custom-built Lamborghini Countach replica.
Lamborghini Countach | Wonder World via Ken Imhoff

As you might imagine, there is no easy way to get a Lamborghini Countach replica out of a basement where it’s been for 17 years. As a result, Imhoff had to break up a huge chunk of his house to free the car. Thankfully, he waited until the car was finished before bringing it out. That way, he could take it on its first test drive.

However, it seems Imhoff fell out of love with his creation a few years after it was finished. That’s because Wonder World reports that he wasn’t taking good care of the car, even letting it begin to corrode in certain areas. In the video by Wonder World, we hear Imhoff stating that he had most of his fun building the car, not owning it.

This Lamborghini Countach sold for more than it cost to build

An image of a custom-built Lamborghini Countach replica.
Lamborghini Countach | Wonder World via Ken Imhoff

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In a bit of a surprising twist, Imhoff decided to sell his beloved Lamborghini Countach replica. In total, he claims to have spent around $65,000 over the 17 years to build it from scratch. Had he paid someone else to build it, that price would be significantly higher. However, Wonder World reports that the car may have sold for more than it cost to build. That’s because it reportedly sold for around $89,000. Regardless of the result, it seems Imhoff has all of his fun building the car piece by piece.