$500,000 Ferrari 488 Pista Gets Wrecked by a $5,000 Renault Twingo

Buying a Ferrari 488 Pista is no small feat. Aside from needing to cough up enough cash to cover its astronomical base price, Ferrari might not even allow you to buy one if you don’t have an established relationship or track record of buying previous models. Additionally, only around 3,500 Pistas ever left the production line, making it an incredibly rare machine. As a result, seeing one wrecked in an easily preventable accident is truly unfortunate.

That’s exactly what occurred in a recent accident covered by Motor1. The crash began as the supercar came around a corner and collided with a Renault Twingo that was leaving what appears to be a small parking lot. Despite occurring at slow speeds, the collision was enough to make the Pista catch some air.

How does a Ferrari 488 Pista crash into a Renault Twingo?

Unfortunately for the Ferrari 488 Pista owner, this crash occurred during a recent rally organized to pay tribute to the famous Mille Miglia rally. As a result, there were tons of other Ferraris in the area, meaning there were plenty of witnesses on the scene. The crash itself begins as a Renault Twingo leaves what looks like a small parking lot.

At this point, we can see the red Ferrari turning a blind corner at speed. Once the two cars spot each other, it’s already too late. Given the angle of the two cars, the supercar didn’t strike the hatchback’s rear end. Instead, it collided with its side. Judging from the video alone, it’s unclear if the supercar struck a wall to its right. However, we can clearly see that the impact with the Renault was strong enough to make the 488 Pista catch some air.

As the Renault Twingo pulls forward, we can also clearly see that part of the Ferrari comes off and ends up on the floor. While this accident happened quite quickly, determining who’s at fault can be a bit of a challenge.

Who is at fault here?

An image of a Ferrari 488 Pista out on a track.
Ferrari 488 Pista | Ferrari

As you might imagine, it would be quite easy to blame the driver in the Ferrari 488 Pista and call it a day. However, there are a few aspects of this video that easily cast blame on both drivers. Let’s start with the Ferrari. Once the supercar appears in the frame, it’s turning a blind corner at what appears to be a high rate of speed. Given the fact that the rally was driving through what looks like a small town, this is definitely not a good idea.

On the flip side, we’ve got the Renault Twingo driver that failed to yield to oncoming traffic. However, if we play devil’s advocate, it’s not a stretch to imagine that the Ferrari wasn’t visible when the Renault driver began to pull out. As a result, it’ll take a deeper investigation to determine who is exactly at fault here.

How much does a Ferrari 488 Pista cost?

An image of a Ferrari 488 Pista out on a track.
Ferrari 488 Pista | Ferrari

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Now that we know what it takes to total a Ferrari 488 Pista, let’s look into how much it costs to buy one. When the Pista first arrived back in 2018, it carried a base price of around 330,000. However, given its rare nature, finding a used example will low mileage these days will likely cost you around $500,000. Regardless of whether you think the Ferrari or the Renault was in the right here, the real losers are the insurance companies.