Princess Diana’s Missing Ford Escort Sells for $72,000

If this story seems familiar, it’s because Princess Diana’s Ford Escort popped up in the news a few weeks ago after vanishing over 20 years ago. This frugal Ford appeared because it was supposed to head to auction over in the UK. Now that the bidding has concluded, we know exactly how much it sold for. To everyone’s surprise, the $72,000 selling price far surpasses the estimated range quoted by the auction house.

According to CarBuzz, the car was sold via an auction hosted by Reeman Dansie’s Royalty, Antiques, and Fine Art Sale. As you might imagine, this Escort’s price tag makes it one of the most expensive ever sold.

What happened to Princess Diana’s Ford Escort?

An image of Princess Diana driving her Ford Escort.
Ford Escort | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Before we dive into the auction, let’s look at Princess Diana’s Ford Escort and its history starting in the early 1980s. That’s because the small hatchback was a gift. In fact, this affordable Ford was her daily driver until 1982, says Motor1. One of the most interesting aspects of his car is the silver frog ornament on its hood, which the Princess’s sister gifted her.

Aside from its owner, this is a completely normal Ford Escort. However, after its royal owner moved on to bigger and better cars, this little hatch seemingly vanished. In fact, BBC reports that this exact car vanished around 20 years ago, seemingly overnight. However, as the car popped up for sale, its current owner revealed that she purposely went to great lengths to hide it, not even close friends know where it was.

While this tactic essentially hid the car from the world, it did manage to preserve it nicely.

It sold for $72,000 at auction

An image of Princess Diana driving her Ford Escort.
Ford Escort | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Now that you know about the history behind Princess Diana’s Ford Escort let’s talk money. Back in 1980, CarBuzz reports that this small hatchback had a base price of around $8,469, adjusted for inflation. However, the car just managed to sell for the equivalent of $72,000, says CarBuzz. While this is an enormous sum for an old Escort, this car will likely end up stored away in a private collection somewhere.

While this is a massive sum, this isn’t the first of Princess Diana’s cars to bring in big money. In fact, her Audi Cabriolet sold for around $80,000 last year at an auction, says ladyfirst. This is quite surprising given the fact that the Princess was seen driving the Audi far more often than the Ford.

Who bought this Ford Escort?


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If you’re wondering who bought Princess Diana’s Ford Escort, you’re not alone. According to Express, the person who won the bidding wasn’t a person at all. Instead, it was a museum based in South America. The museum in Chile is called “Museo de la Moda,” which translates to the museum of fashion. Additionally, this museum is known for purchasing Princess Diana’s artifacts. As a result, this car will likely get plenty of time in the spotlight.