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Most people on the road are looking for cheap gas prices and short lines for the pump. However, there are other things drivers should concern themselves with while filling up at the pump. Though most drivers take it for granted, pumping gas can be pretty dangerous under the right or wrong circumstances. 

Here are three things you should never do while pumping gas. 

Forget cheap gas prices – don’t leave your car running while pumping gas

One thing people shouldn’t do while pumping gas is leave their car running. Many drivers consider this merely a myth as it’s a common practice. However, leaving the car on during the process isn’t the best decision despite there being so few accidents related to the practice. According to J.D. Power, there is a “non-negligible risk” of a fire as gas vapors can interact with static electricity. 

Pumping gas is about more than just finding cheap prices
A person pumping gas | Oleksandr Hrytsiv

Vehicles catching on fire while someone is pumping gas with the engine running is rare. In fact, most people would be truthful in saying they’ve never heard of it happening in real life. However, the fact that there is even a chance means we should turn off our cars while refueling because the potential risks far outweigh any convenience that may come from leaving the car running. 

Smoking at the fuel pump is bad

We’ve always been told that smoking while pumping gas is a safety concern. Despite the warnings, people smoke or vape at the gas pump fairly often. However, this isn’t a myth, as this practice can cause a fire or an explosion. As everyone knows, gas is highly flammable, and even the smallest freak accident while balancing a flame could cause something you never intended. 

Additionally, pretty much anything you do in addition to monitoring the gas pump causes increased static electricity, which you don’t want while pumping fuel, as enough of a build-up can cause a spark. Like with smoking while at the gas pump, this is rare, but it can happen. 

Don’t multitask

In a nutshell, people should not attempt to multitask while pumping gas. Though we take the process for granted, things can turn serious in the blink of an eye. Because of this, doing things that remove your attention from the gas pump should be avoided for the short time it takes to refuel. Of course, this includes getting into the car, which also causes static electricity to build. 

Overall, people take many of the old advice they were given about pumping gas for granted. However, many of those directives weren’t myths and can help keep everyone safe. After all, it’s not like people with gas-powered cars have to sit around for long periods like people who have to charge their EVs.