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There are many things owners must do to keep their SUVs running smoothly. Regular car oil changes are required, but more immediately, vehicles need fuel to run. Of course, many believe it stops here, and running low on fuel isn’t a huge deal. However, running out of gas in your vehicle can cause damage to essential parts. Here’s a look into how running out of gas can harm your SUV. 

How running out of gas harms your SUV

A person putting gas in a car
A person putting gas in a car | Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Vehicles are complicated machines that need certain things to run. It goes further than your SUV not being able to start without having fuel in the tank. Not having these substances can cause eventual damage. Two of the most common examples are fuel filter and pump damage. 

Over time, the fuel tank takes in debris, and the problem is that when fuel gets too low, the debris can clog the fuel filter. This causes fuel to have a more challenging time getting to the engine, and the fuel pump could also take in the harmful debris. Typically, the debris sits at the bottom of the tank. In addition, running out of fuel in your vehicle could cause the fuel pump to overheat. 

Running out of fuel can also cause the fuel pump to take in air. The problem with this is that the air impedes the engine from getting the necessary gas to function. This causes the engine to sputter and misfire. While once or twice isn’t the end of the world, repeated misfires due to low fuel can damage the engine. Perhaps one of the biggest problems owners could face due to running out of gas is damage to the exhaust system, which is not a cheap fix. 

Best practices for not running out 

SUVs need regular car oil changes and fuel to work
Gas station prices | Scott Olson via Getty Images

Gas station prices often make people put off getting fuel for their SUVs. However, sometimes you don’t have as much fuel as you think. The easiest way to avoid running out of fuel is to monitor how much you have through the fuel gauge. This is easier in newer vehicles as they can often estimate how many miles you can go with the current fuel level. 

Another thing owners can do is get a good gas price tracker. You can download these applications that point out the best gas station prices close to you. This allows owners to save money on fuel while also knowing how far away cheap gas prices are. There are several gas price tracker apps available. 

In addition, it’s simply not a great practice to try and travel long distances if the fuel is low. Running out of gas is harmful, and running an SUV on a low fuel level causes the system to work overtime to absorb the fuel. 

Most fuel-efficient SUVs

2023 Nissan Kicks is one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs
2023 Nissan Kicks | Nissan

Another great practice is to invest in one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs. For a new SUV, one example is the 2023 Nissan Kicks. According to Car and Driver, it gets a combined average of 33 miles per gallon. If gas station prices are a concern, the 2023 Hyundai Santa Fe Hybrid is another one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs as it gets 34 miles to the gallon. For anyone looking for a used SUV with great fuel economy, look into options like the Ford Escape, Honda HR-V, and various Kia models. There are numerous options that make the list of the most fuel-efficient SUVs.

Getting regular car oil changes isn’t the only thing owners need to do to keep their SUVs running smoothly. Ensuring that your vehicle has the proper amount of fuel is also essential. Gas station prices can be upsetting, but buying gas is always cheaper than repairing an exhaust system. 

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