Unlucky Ford Mustang Ends up in Ditch Trying to Run From Police

While running from the police is undoubtedly a bad idea, some folks still decide to try their luck with catastrophic success rates. Aside from often wrecking their cars, these people fail to consider the many other lives they endanger during that process. However, today we’ll be looking at a police chase that ended with a Ford Mustang in a fairly compromising spot. That’s because it got such in a massive drainage ditch.

According to WSLS News, the chase took place in Roanoke, VA, and began as officers spotted a suspect allegedly wanted on multiple charges. At this point, the sports car took off, crashing shortly after.

How did this Ford Mustang crash?

An image of a crashed Ford Mustang outdoors.
Ford Mustang | WSLS News

According to WSLS News, this chase started as police officers noticed a wanted suspect driving around in a Ford Mustang. Once the suspect caught on to the fact that they were being followed, they allegedly took off. As you might imagine, most folks aren’t used to driving their car at full speed, especially in a crowded city. As a result, WSLS News reports that the Mustang crashed quickly after running through a yard.

Judging from the photos, it seemed the driver of the muscle car expected a patch of flat land and was subsequently met with the drainage ditch. Once the car got stuck, WSLS reports that the driver decided to jump out and run. Fortunately for the pursuing officers, the suspect didn’t get very far and was eventually found hiding a dumpster.

Once police officers caught up with the car, they were faced with the unusual task of fishing it out of the ditch. From the looks of it, it appears to be a fifth-generation V6-powered Mustang likely produced around 2010.

How do you recover a muscle car from a ditch?

An image of a crashed Ford Mustang outdoors.
Ford Mustang | WSLS News

As you might imagine, fetching a Ford Mustang is no easy feat. According to WSLS News, this required the use of a massive crane. Unfortunately, judging from the photos, it seems the crane operator decided to hook onto the car’s wheels with a heavy-duty strap. However, in terms of outright damage, the muscle car doesn’t appear to have sunk deep enough to end up in the water below.

However, the impact itself seems to have caused severe damage to this car’s front end. For starters, the hood, bumper, and fenders appear completely wrecked. Given the speed of the accident, this car likely has severe frame and mechanical damage we can’t see with the naked eye. As a result, there’s a decent chance that this Mustang will never make it back out on the road.

What will happen to this Ford Mustang?

An image of a crashed Ford Mustang outdoors.
Ford Mustang | WSLS News

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens to crashed cars such as this Ford Mustang, chances are it’ll end up at a police lot first. Depending on the severity of the charges against its owner, the local police department could confiscate it indefinitely. However, given its poor physical and mechanical state, chances are it’ll end up getting auctioned off.