Report: Dodge Might Unveil Its First Electric Muscle Car on July 8th

It is no secret that Dodge plans to build an electric muscle car at some point in the near future. Since the Hellcat models debuted a few years ago, they revived the brand’s aging muscle car offerings. Since then, we’ve seen countless special editions with ungodly amounts of horsepower on offer. However, a new report indicates that the brand might be preparing to make another massive shift. That’s because a new report indicates that we might see its first electric muscle car next week.

This report comes via Muscle Cars & Trucks, citing a statement made by Dodge CEO Timothy┬áKuniskis. When asked how the brand will follow through on its plans to reinvent the muscle car, Kuniskis reportedly responded with “tine on July 8.”

Will Dodge unveil its first electric muscle car on July 8th?

A red Dodge Challenger Hellcat parked outdoors.
Dodge Challenger Hellcat | Dodge

As you might imagine, the rumors surrounding Dodge and its first electric muscle car are backed up by a few key events. According to Muscle Cars & Trucks, the American carmaker placed a massive order for hybrid-ready eight-speed transmissions from German supplier ZF. Up until now, all of the Hellcat models have featured ZF automatic transmissions as an option or as standard. If this order is anything to go by, we may not see an all-electric muscle car, just a hybrid one.

However, Kuniskis stated earlier this year that the days of the 6.2-liter supercharged V8 Hellcat engine were numbered, citing that the future would see an electric muscle car. Kuniskis went as far as stating that these electric models could kick start a second golden age of muscle cars. However, the fact that we haven’t seen any prototypes of this fully electric model might mean it’s not ready just yet.

As a result, what we might see on July 8 could be an ultra-powerful Hellcat with electrification utilized to boost power to the moon. Additionally, as Muscle Cars & Trucks points out, this tech will likely make it on to other Stellantis products.

Stellantis plans to offer electrified variants of all-new models

2019 Dodge Charger RT is on display at the 111th Annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place
The 2019 Dodge Charger | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

While Dodge producing an electric muscle car might seem out of the norm for the American carmaker, it falls perfectly within parent company Stellantis’ main plan. That’s because CNBC reports that Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares noted that all new models introduced from the present until 2022 will offer an electrified variant. It is worth pointing out, however, that the Charger and Challenger are not new models.

As a result, there is a small bit of hope that the brand might introduce an all-new model to usher in the company’s era of electrification. However, we’ll have to wait for next week to find out.

How old is Dodge’s current muscle car lineup?

An orange 2018 Dodge Challenger, one of the best used sports cars for summer
2018 Dodge Challenger | Stellantis

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The arrival of an electric muscle car from Dodge could certainly help modernize the brand’s muscle car offerings. As of writing, the only muscle cars currently available are the Challenger and the Charger. The current third-gen Challenger has been in production since 2008, marking a 13-year run. The Charger is slightly newer, with its seventh-generation model debuting for the 2011 model year. Regardless of which you look at, they’re in desperate need of an upgrade.