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The Focus is finally here! Ford has been working on the Ford Focus behind the scenes since the last version came out in 2018. What are some of the main features of the new 2022 Ford Focus sedan and the Focus ST wagon?

What’s new with the 2022 Ford Focus and Focus ST?

A blue 2022 Ford Focus on a ridgeb
The new 2022 Ford Focus | Ford

Ford has big plans with the new Focus, according to the official press release. The automaker says that owning and driving the Focus will be easier thanks to the advanced connectivity, electric powertrains, and new driver assistance technology. Before any U.S. fans get excited, this Ford Focus will only be available in Europe for now.

The 2022 Ford Focus will get the next-generation SYNC 4 technology. The new technology includes a 13.2-inch screen that will offer cloud-connected navigation and connected voice control. This system also allows for Ford Power-Up software updates which owners can do over the air. Some of the features include SecureAlert, Stolen Vehicle Services, and other convenient features.

As far as safety and driver assistance technology go, the 2022 Focus is packed. Ford says these include Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Assist, Intersection Assist, Sign Recognition, and more.

More changes for the 2022 Ford Focus, including the Focus ST

The 2022 Ford Focus comes with the Electrified EcoBoost Hybrid engine. This comes in a variety of transmission choices, including a six-speed manual. The Focus ST wagon will also get an EcoBoost engine and EcoBoost Hybrid.

The new sedan and wagon also got quite a facelift. A larger front grille and new headlights make a big difference. The front end looks less like a Focus and more like a regular sedan. More modern-looking headlights and wheels make a big difference. Ford says the new Focus has a more “human-centric design philosophy” that helped revamp the sedan.

The Focus ST also contains more bold designs and performance seats. One of the cooler new highlighted features is the wet zone, which comes with a water-resistant liner. Ford wanted to concentrate on the durability of the design and how easy the sedan and wagon are to live with. Since this will be available in Europe, the price is listed at £22,465 ($30,741). The Ford Focus ST starts at £33,885 ($46,355).

The new “human-centric design philosophy” is working

2022 Ford Focus ST
The 2022 Focus ST | Ford

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The automaker also recently redesigned the Ford Fiesta, which carries a lot of similar features. The 2022 Ford Focus will have a few trim levels: Titanium, ST-Line, and Active. Entering 2022, all of the new Focus vehicles will be compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Owners that use the FordPass app will also get updated features.

Since this announcement is being made relatively late into 2021, the 2022 Ford Focus and Ford Focus ST will likely hit the dealership early to mid-2022. Depending on how the semiconductor chip shortage evolves. The U.S. might never see the 2022 Focus or Focus ST, so Europe wins this round.