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2020 Roush Ford F-150
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How Does This Upgraded Ford F-150 Compare to the Ford Raptor?

Ford F-150 builds and modifications run across an entire spectrum. Some are made for off-roading, with Ford’s own F-150 Raptor and Hennessey’s VelociRaptor 6×6 filling the roles of Baja racers. Others, like the Harley-Davidson edition, are built more for style. Roush Performance has provided parts and tuning for both ends. The tuner can supercharge the …

Tesla Cybertruck with trailer
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks & SUVs

Cybertruck Towing Issues Are an EV Problem, Not a Tesla Problem

Electric pickups aren’t competing with ICE pickups solely on range, but on towing, too. Tesla appeared to demonstrate that there’s nothing to worry about when the Cybertruck towed that F-150 uphill. There’s also an electric F-150 out with a towing capacity of 18,000 lbs. However, although Tesla claims the tri-motor Cybertruck will tow up to …

2008 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged SEMA build
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This Toyota Tundra Proves TRD Superchargers Need to Come Back

The Toyota Tundra is known for many things: reliability, American production, and value retention. However, performance doesn’t really make the list. Although the next-gen truck promises hybrid power and a twin-turbo V6, the current 5.7-liter V8 isn’t terribly fuel-efficient or powerful. The Tundra didn’t even make our list of full-size trucks with high payloads. There …

2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition
Trucks Trucks & SUVs

The Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition Isn’t as Cringe-Worthy as It Looks

Not every special-edition truck is valuable. Many offer little beyond cosmetic upgrades. For example, you can option a normal F-150 to match up with the Harley-Davidson edition and save almost $20,000. But monetary value isn’t always what makes special editions appealing. Some, like the F-150 Tonka edition, have an emotional appeal. And despite its appearance, …

2021 Chevy Trailblazer
Crossover & Midsize Crossovers

Operation Blazing Speed: Chevrolet Blazer Supercharged by Lingenfelter

While relatively affordable, the Chevrolet Blazer hasn’t had the smoothest debut. In addition to the UAW issues, the base engine has been criticized for its lack of power. Opting for the turbocharged four-cylinder or the V6 does improve things. But some owners—actually, quite a few—still want more than 308 hp. Luckily, the Blazer’s V6 is …

Range Rover Sport SVR Off Road
SUVs Tips, Tricks & Trends Trucks & SUVs

Why Are Range Rovers so Expensive and Are They Worth It?

Land Rover’s Range Rover may be one of the reasons so many people associate SUVs with luxury and status. It combined the go-anywhere capability of the original Land Rover with on-road refinement and a quality interior. Decades later, it’s still a very refined and competent SUV on pavement and over muddy grass. Although considering it’s …

Tesla Cybertruck and Tesla Truckla Model 3 pickup
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

How the First Tesla Pickup Truck Compares to the Cybertruck

Before the Tesla Cybertruck, there was another Tesla electric pickup truck: the Truckla. YouTuber and creator Simone Giertz wanted an electric pickup, but the Cybertruck wasn’t out yet. So, she took a Model 3 and turned it into a truck. But now the uniquely-designed Cybertruck has officially been unveiled, although production won’t start until late …

2019 SEMA Chevy E-10 Concept 1962 Chevy Pickup
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Classic Pickup Trucks That Deserve an Electric Conversion

Classic pickup trucks’ simplicity is both their biggest selling point and biggest weakness. And we’re not talking only about thinner A-pillars and lack of airbags. Classic trucks have fewer, if any, complicated electronics and fuel injection systems. But while that makes them simpler to fix, it also means they emit significantly more emissions and use …

Tesla Cybertruck Premiere 11-21-19-00
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Why the Tesla Cybertruck’s Stainless Steel Body Panels Could Be a Problem

Love it or hate it, the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup draws eyes. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has claimed the truck’s design was influenced by Blade Runner. Although with those angular, shiny stainless steel panels, some commenters have Back to the Future in mind instead. But choosing steel over aluminum is more than a little interesting. …

Tesla Cybertruck Premiere
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Here’s the Deal With the Tesla Cybertruck’s Windows

Tesla’s electric pickup truck, the Cybertruck, certainly hasn’t had a quiet introduction. Its design has invited several interesting comparisons and critiques, as have several of its features. Especially the Cybertruck’s supposedly ‘bulletproof’ windows, which broke twice during on-stage demonstrations with thrown steel balls. Elon Musk may have quipped it away, but he may have feared …

Hennessey Goliath 800 Chevrolet Silverado
Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Hennessey Goliath 800: When Your Supercharged Truck Needs More Juice

Sometimes, 700 horsepower just isn’t enough—but 6 wheels is too much. When Hennessey Performance Engineering unveiled the Goliath 6×6, it was a chance for Chevrolet fans to experience what HPE had already done with the VelociRaptor 6×6. Unfortunately, Hennessey will only make 24. Luckily, Hennessey recently revealed four-wheeled Goliaths that can be built on both …

Tesla Cybertruck
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

How the Tesla Cybertruck Electric Pickup’s Specs Compare to the Competition

With the Tesla Cybertruck’s reveal, another electric pickup truck as officially stepped into the ring. And while the looks are an acquired taste for some, the numbers are perhaps the more important feature. Not only does Tesla’s electric truck have to overcome range anxiety, it has to prove it can tow and haul just as …

Tesla Cybertruck
Hybrids & Electrics Trucks Trucks & SUVs

People Can’t Stop Comparing Tesla’s Cybertruck to the Most Ridiculous Things

We finally know what the real, production-spec Tesla electric pickup looks like. After many renders and much speculation, last night Elon Musk showed the Tesla Cybertruck on-stage to the whole world. And the reactions were…interesting. Not because of the specs, but the looks. The Cybertruck’s design has been polarizing, to say the least. Musk promised …

IIHS developing new crash test
SUVs Tips, Tricks & Trends Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Trucks and SUVs Force Change in IIHS Safety Tests

You know in Chernobyl when the radiation dosimeters go off-the-scale because they can’t accurately measure what’s flying around the room? That’s kind of what’s happening with trucks and SUVs when it comes to crash tests right now. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has come forward and admitted it needs a new safety test. The …

2020 Ram 1500 Tradesman
Tips, Tricks & Trends Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Jeep Gladiator and Ram 1500 Are First Trucks on the Car and Driver 10Best List

Both the Jeep Gladiator and Ram 1500 are proving to be significant players in the pickup truck market. The Gladiator proves an out-the-box off-roader can also make a good work truck. And the Ram 1500—along with its heavy-duty siblings—have already won awards for serving up both utility and luxury. Now, Car and Driver has named …

2019 Ram 1500 Kentucky Derby Edition
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Buy This Ram 1500, Not the Ram 1500 Kentucky Derby Edition

Some special-edition Ram 1500 trucks, like the Mossy Oak Edition, are indeed special; some aren’t. One example of the latter is the Ram 1500 Kentucky Derby Edition. It was brought out to commemorate the race’s 144th running, and Ram’s 9th time as the race’s official truck. But this limited-edition isn’t a particularly savvy purchase. Instead …

2018 NICB Most Stolen Vehicles Report
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Owners of these Most Stolen Trucks May Need to Keep on the Lookout

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently released its annual “Most Stolen Vehicles” report, and some truck owners may need to look out for thieves. The NICB does reveal that vehicle theft in the US is down overall. But that’s of little comfort to somehow who just had their expensive pride-and-joy jacked. The NICB’s Hot Wheels …

Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6x6
Trucks Trucks & SUVs

Why Doesn’t Mercedes-Benz Sell a G-Wagen Pickup Anymore?

G-Wagen, G-Wagon, G-Class: whatever you call it, there’s a reason Mercedes-Benz’s insanely competent off-roader is so iconic. The SUV has served in militaries, been a Popemobile, climbed 100% grades, and become a 6-wheeled desert-conquering pickup. And it’s that last part that’s curious. Off-road pickups like the F-150 Raptor and AEV Prospector are insanely popular, but …

2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel
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What’s the Difference Between Gas and Diesel Truck Maintenance?

Diesel trucks are quite different from gasoline ones. That means home mechanics have to keep a few things in mind before wrenching on them. That’s in addition to the other considerations required for pickup truck maintenance. But diesel truck maintenance isn’t terrifyingly-complicated, as long as you keep a few things in mind. Glow plugs, not …

2019 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Runner
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2020 Chevrolet Colorado: Least Reliable New Vehicle You Can Buy Says Consumer Reports

The Chevrolet Colorado is a popular mid-size pickup truck to both modify and take off-road. Both of these are activities that can be harsh on a truck’s components. But, in day-to-day situations, the Chevy Colorado shouldn’t suffer such a level of stress. However, that’s not what Consumer Reports has found. Consumer Reports considers the 2020 …