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2019 Ford Fiesta SE | The Ford Motor Company

The Ford Fiesta is a supermini or subcompact car model produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company. A car counterpart to the Ford EcoSport subcompact SUV, the Fiesta was one of many casualties of the Ford vehicle catalog after the company announced its plans to discontinue all its cars (except for the Ford Mustang) to focus on SUVs and pickup trucks. However, the Fiesta is still sold in overseas markets where it retains a dedicated base of consumers.

Developed by Ford’s European division in 1976, the Ford Fiesta wasn’t sold in the U.S. until its sixth generation in 2008, when the model was launched globally. During its run in America, the Ford Fiesta was sized under the Ford Focus midsize sedan and was primarily marketed as a budget vehicle with a very inexpensive starting price. Most of its competitors in the supermini/subcompact class of cars are only sold overseas. Still, similar American-sold models include (or included) the Chevy Spark, the Kia Rio, the Mitsubishi Mirage, and the Toyota Yaris.

About Ford

  • 2019 Ford Fiesta (Starting MSRP $14,260)
  • Pros: As expected with its size, the Ford Fiesta is fuel-efficient, light on the road, and provides smooth and accurate steering. Additionally, it’s incredibly affordable as a budget model.
  • Cons: The Fiesta’s underpowered engine has problems with high speeds and acceleration. Additionally, its low price comes at the cost of next to no standard features included.
  • See Also: Focus and EcoSport

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