2020 Lincoln Continental Reserve

Will Lincoln Listen to Dealer Demand for Sedans?

Nowadays, sedan buyers are facing a shrinking selection. Although Toyota’s and Honda’s sedans are still going strong, Ford and Chevrolet have cut their offerings significantly. Even luxury marques like Cadillac and Mercedes aren’t immune. But there may be some hope for luxury sedan buyers, especially for those buying American. That’s because Lincoln sedans are still …

2020 Lincoln Aviator
Crossover & Midsize

Does the Lincoln Aviator Have Android Auto?

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator has gotten good reviews for luxury, technology, and safety features. While this three-row SUV is based on the Ford Explorer’s architecture, it is decidedly more high-end. The 2020 Aviator is the first year of the new second-generation Aviator, following a 15-year gap. Although it has more space for cargo than for …

2020 Lincoln Aviator
Trucks & SUVs

How Safe Is the Lincoln Aviator?

For some consumers, when considering a new Lincoln, performance, and comfort are primary factors in making their purchasing decisions. For others, finding the safest rides are more important. If you find yourself looking at the Lincoln Aviator, you have your eyes set on a safe and reliable vehicle. But, do you know just how safe …

2019 Ford Edge ST on display at the 2018 North American International Auto Show.
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Which SUVs by Ford Are the Safest?

Cars are stereotyped like many other things in life, but Ford’s vehicles are never stereotyped as being the safest cars on the road. That doesn’t mean that Ford’s vehicles can’t be safe, however. In fact, Ford’s SUVs have won several safety awards. Here are the safest Ford SUVs on the market today. 2019 Ford Edge …

Rivian R1S
Trucks & SUVs

Lincoln Developing All-Electric SUV With Rivian

Now we know how the Rivian technology will tie into Ford Motor Company trucks. The skateboard that underpins the Rivian pickup will become the base for the next all-electric Lincoln SUV. This will be the first Ford product utilizing the electric skateboard chassis from startup Rivian. Earlier this year Ford invested $500,000 into the company …

1971 Lincoln Mark III Six-Wheel Pickup | Facebook
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Lincoln Mark III Six-Wheel Pickup

If you’re looking for attention, hauling capabilities, and a luxurious ride, this six-wheel Mark III Lincoln Continental pickup may be what you need. Did we mention attention? Is this freak crazy or what? What’s better is it could be yours as it’s listed on Facebook Marketplace. Thank you The Drive for bringing it to our …

2020 Lincoln Aviator

Lincoln Is Over-Delivering on the New Hybrid Aviator

Expectations are meant to be shattered, and Lincoln did just that with its Hybrid Aviator. Originally, Lincoln revealed that the Hybrid Aviator would have a 450-hp engine. However, as CarBuzz reported, the final specs of the Hybrid Aviator will include a 495-hp engine. The current SUV market is extremely competitive, so this revelation that the Hybrid Aviator has …

Automotive News

Forbes’ Top 32 New Cars to Avoid

It’s that time of the year for Forbes’ “New Cars To Avoid” list. Is This Valid? Cars are a lot better than even 10 years ago, but there can still be some sorta-semi lemons in this year’s crop. The issues can range from dated designs to plunging resale values. Reliability can still be an issue, while …