The Porsche logo on the hood of a parked car in South Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The Porsche logo | Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Specializing in high-performance sports cars, SUVs, and sedans, Porsche is a German automotive manufacturer owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Initially, Porsche didn’t make cars; it offered motor vehicle development work and consulting. One of its first clients was the German government, for whom Porsche created the design for the Volkswagen Beetle.

Not until 1936 was the Porsche 64 developed under the Porsche brand. In 1964, after seeing success in the motor-racing world, the company produced the Porsche 911, one of the brand’s most influential models. 

Featured Vehicle: 911

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All Porsche Vehicles:


Macan: A sporty compact crossover and Porsche’s least expensive vehicle, starting around $55,000

Cayenne: This midsize crossover comes in a dozen variations — including coupe, turbo, and hybrid models — and ranges in price from around $70,000 to nearly $200,000

Sedans & Coupes:

718: The brand’s entry-level roadster comes in Boxster (convertible) and Cayman (hard-top coupe) models

911: Porsche’s flagship sports car offers Carrera (coupe), Carrera Cabriolet (convertible), and Targa body styles, along with several turbo models and a couple of high-performance GT3 options

Taycan: The brand’s first electric vehicle comes in four-door sedan and wagon body styles

Panamera: A midsize luxury car in sedan and wagon body styles

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