Burgundy-red 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan driving down a curving road
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Which Used Mercedes Is the Most Reliable?

Some people, when they’re looking for reliable used luxury, go for simpler classic models. However, it’s perfectly possible to find modern luxury cars that aren’t prone to breakdowns. And that even applies to German marques like BMW and Mercedes. Although some of Mercedes-Benz’s cars haven’t scored well in reliability ranks, there are others which have. …

White 1983 Mercedes-Benz 200D W123 classic luxury sedan
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Classic Luxury Cars That Don’t Cost an Arm and a Leg to Run

While you can find inexpensive used luxury cars—even Rolls-Royces—cheap to buy doesn’t necessarily mean cheap to own. Plus, while modern cars have more features, they can actually work against you with luxury cars. ‘One more thing’ means ‘one more potentially-expensive thing to break.’ However, simplicity and ease of maintenance, along with styling, are some of …

Mercedes-Benz GLA compact crossover SUV car on display at Brussels Expo
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Which Mercedes Is the Least Expensive?

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are known for having the best interiors and plenty of nice engine options. The automaker is one of the only manufacturers that hasn’t had a significant decrease in sales due to COVID-19. While other rivals may be cheaper, a Mercedes-Benz often has more features, which makes it a better value. Still, a car’s …

A Mercedes-AMG GLC63 Coupe is seen during the media preview of the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) in New York
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Avoid The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC

The 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLC is no doubt one of the most beautiful looking SUVs on the used car market today. They are still new enough to have the modern style of the newest generations of Mercedes-Benz and are old enough to have depreciated a great deal. You can find a 2016 model used for as …

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Is the Mercedes-Benz A-Class Worth Buying?

We currently live in a world where large SUVs and crossovers currently dominate the marketplace, however, small sedans like the Mercedes-Benz A-Class exists for those looking for something smaller and luxurious. The A-Class competes with the likes of the BMW 2 Series, Audi A3, and Acura ILX, but it offers the type of elegance that …

A black Ford transit passenger van in the snow
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2020 Ford Transit: Is it Better?

For 2020, the Ford Transit cargo and passenger vans have seen some welcome updates. Though it isn’t a complete redesign, the popular full-size van gets a mid-cycle refresh. Some changes are cosmetic, while some of them go deeper. But is the new 2020 Ford Transit better than its previous models? Apart from the all-new grille …

a rusty vintage Chevy C-10 Pickup truck parked in the grass with the hood open
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Does Post Malone Have a G-Wagon?

One of American rapper Post Malone’s most well-known songs repeats the lyric: “G-Wagon, G-Wagon, G-Wagon…” But does he own one? According to one source, this Mercedes truck does not live in his garage. But he does own some pretty interesting cars. Let’s take a look at Post Malone’s car collection. But first, let’s put one …

A green 2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 races through a tunner
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Illegally Parked Mercedes Gets Covered in Poop

During the Back-to-the-Future movie series, there is a scene where Biff rams his car into a manure truck. The collision triggers the back of the truck to unload its stinky product into Biff’s convertible. That was the movies right? That does not happen in real life, does it? Don’t be so sure. A video has surfaced of a Mercedes meeting …


It’s Not Your Bach, It’s Maybach

You may have heard the phrase “the rich will get richer,” but what happens when a rich person actually does get richer? Well, if you’re Ellen Degeneres, then you buy a bunch of Porsches to go along with your Portia. But if you would rather not drive because you’re too busy being rich, then you …

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Martha Stewart Has Been in Love With Mercedes Since Her Honeymoon

In case you missed it, 9 Mercedes-Benz owners and experts gathered over Zoom for the first-ever #ConcoursdeZoom virtual automotive showcase. Among the famous celebrity participants were Jay Leno, Ludacris, and Martha Stewart. During the panelist discussion, Martha Stewart praised her 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS 550. She shared about her long commute to the office and how she depends on that opportunity in her vehicle each day to be successful. Like many of us, she uses that time to keep up with emails and calls. …